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  1. [Guide] How to give reputation to someone [OFFICIAL]
  2. [Guide] Forum Moderator, Tools, Hints, Shortcuts & More! [OFFICIAL]
  3. [Guide] Jobs [OFFICIAL]
  4. [Guide] Fighting Styles [OFFICIAL]
  5. [Guide] Youtube link to a .mp3 [OFFICIAL]
  6. [Guide] How to Donate & How to sell Blood [OFFICIAL]
  7. [Guide] How to Capture & Upload Images and Videos [OFFICIAL]
  8. [Guide] Profile Music Information [OFFICIAL]
  9. [Guide] How to remove re-appearing modifications after re-installation [OFFICIAL]
  10. How to create [.mp3] links for use on: /Carradio, Boomboxes and /Ipod [OFFICIAL]
  11. [Game] [Guide] Mobster Roleplay Guide [OFFICIAL]
  12. Tiki Store [OFFICIAL]
  13. A simple guide on how to start off [OFFICIAL]
  14. Furniture [OFFICIAL]
  15. Wrapping your text in link with a colour [OFFICIAL]
  16. How to make a Forum Complaint [FC]. [OFFICIAL]
  17. How to report an invalid post on Forum. [OFFICIAL]
  18. How to stream your own music in-game [OFFICIAL]
  19. How to create your own Gang/Family. [OFFICIAL]
  20. How to Install a Snow Modification [SnowFX] [OFFICIAL]
  21. How to edit screenshots [OFFICIAL]
  22. Weapon and Materials [OFFICIAL]
  23. Making your own Police/Fire/Military/Aviation radio feed for SARP /carradio[OFFICIAL]
  24. Dealership Prices [OFFICIAL]
  25. New Drug System [OFFICIAL]
  26. The Fire System [OFFICIAL]
  27. Snapping screenshots in game easier!
  28. How to update to 0.3.dl [OFFICIAL]
  29. [Game] Simple SARP Guide || Preface and Roleplay [OFFICIAL]
  30. Duffle Bag System [OFFICIAL]