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  1. Moneymaking - Dropcar
  2. Beginners guide to SARP.
  3. [Advanced Role-play Guide] Improve your role-play
  4. How to increase your FPS [GameBooster]
  5. A Newbie's survival guide in Los Santos.
  6. Guide to Medium Roleplay
  7. For Old Players
  8. [Guide] Legal and illegal AHK binds
  9. [Guide]How to Lag Shoot and Lag Slam.
  10. [Guide] - Basic Roleplay Terms and Conditions.
  11. [Guide] Proper (RP) driving.
  12. Autohotkey Guide
  13. Reporting a player
  14. [Tutorial]How to properly help at newb spawn
  15. [GUIDE] How to map a car for Developers
  16. How to use the Nine-One-One Service
  17. How to role-play medical situations(Medical information for roleplay)
  18. Colored Names IG.
  19. Ethan's Roleplaying Guide V2
  20. [TUTORIAL] How to install multiple modifications to your GTA (AT ONE TIME)
  21. Malachi's Drug Dealing Guide
  22. ~Special Guides for Medics~ Medic RP Guide || Author: Elvira Walker
  23. [Guide] Improvement of your Role-play || Author: Elvira Walker
  24. [Tutorial] Drug Smuggling
  25. Guide on respect points/paycheck amounts/level costs
  26. How to not be a noob.
  27. How to level up?
  28. How to use the forums effectively.
  29. Object IDs(samp).
  30. Video tutorials on jobs, by Jay Brookside.
  31. [GUIDE] Drug Dealer Job
  32. [Tutorial]Lawyer Job
  33. [Tutorial]Product Dealer Job
  34. AutoHotKeybinder Guide [NEW + UPDATED]
  35. Character Builds and Alignments - A Guide to Better Characters
  36. [GUIDE] Creative Roleplay
  37. [Tutorial][Simple] How to install Cleo 4 and get ELM (Emergency Lights Mod)
  38. Ping and Sever Lag
  39. [Tutorial]All about Tikistore and VIP Gifts
  40. How to Increase Your FPS [Make SA:MP Run Faster]
  41. Server Price List
  42. How To: Disable DISLIKE Notifications
  43. How To: Disable DISLIKE Notifications
  44. Some Helpful Auto hot key binds
  45. Car Parking Problem
  46. [Tutorial - How to] How to get the lost paycheck's number back?
  47. All About Jobs
  48. Different Things Gangs can RP
  49. Simple and Easy way to make GTA SA [REAL]
  50. Tips to be a Roleplayer by Rod Skull
  51. How to avoid ban and infos about it.
  52. Fight Styles
  53. [Research/Study] All about Matrunning!
  54. Which Admin should I contact for my problem?
  55. Abbreviations V2.
  56. Public Places.
  57. [Admins] How to sort threads on dates.
  58. Preventing Infections
  59. [ How to ] Post images quickly
  60. [Tutorial] How to fix your GTA san andreas sounds.
  61. [Tutorial] Beep sound on click! Teamspeak! [Video/Pictures/Text]
  62. SA-MP Vehicle Color IDs
  63. [Guide] How to download and play custom music in game.
  64. [Guide] How to delete visitor messages
  65. [Tutorial] How to install the chosen crosshair
  66. [Guide] Grammar Usage / Tips
  67. SARP Weapons price list + info
  68. Extending & Improving Your Roleplay
  69. [Forums] How to use tables
  70. Usage of Tazers - Rush Taze Rule
  71. A Guide for a Newbie.
  72. How to ACTUALLY Heavy Role-play (Burke's Rant)
  73. Growing weed with Webbie
  74. [NEW] Vehicle Price Guide
  75. How to install a weapon/skin mod on your GTA SA.
  76. How to setup your own Teamspeak 3 Server
  77. The Tutorial to Making Fake IDs [Tutorial]
  78. [Guide] You and Your Character.
  79. [GUIDE] The Ultimate New Player Guide to Jobs
  80. Word Counter
  81. Binco Shop List Guide
  82. SARP v2.0 NPC Guide
  83. Scripting guide
  84. How to break out of IC Prison
  85. Your character and you.
  86. [TUTORIAL] Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Lag fix !
  87. [TUTORIAL] GTA San Andreas Lag fix !
  88. Factions guide.
  89. Gang Guide .
  90. [V.0.1] ~Gang/Family guide!~ [S.Heiler]
  91. Guide - Installing mods with Spark
  92. Bind that will equip all of your gears
  93. How to use BBcode features!
  94. How 2: Forum moderation
  95. Scripting Tutorial || Basic Commands || Taking suggestions!
  96. (Found this Guide) - Aspiring Mobsters.
  97. Roleplaying a graffiti artist. [GUIDE]
  98. Vehicle Dealerships Guide 2015
  99. Advanced FPS Guide // Slice Walshy
  100. How 2 get RID of 'You don't own any vehicles' bug.
  101. How to change your crosshair
  102. Vehicle Prices
  103. Newbie Guide [The Most Profitable Jobs & The way to get a Driving License]
  104. NPC Guide
  105. [TUTORIAL] How to RP?
  106. Newbie Tutorial.
  107. Gang/Family Guide
  108. [gta:samp fix | crashing when entering cars/buildings]
  109. [Guide] All about Tikistore and VIP Gifts
  110. [Guide] Abbreviations
  111. [Guide] Reporting a player
  112. [Guide] Usage of Tazers - Rush Taze Rule
  113. [GUIDE] Reduce lag or Internet Ping in SAMP!
  114. [Guide] Interiors List
  115. [Guide] Converting music from Youtube to Tinyurl
  116. What is SARP, Roleplay and SAMP?
  117. [Guide] Which Admin should I contact for my problem?
  118. [Guide] Lag & Modifications
  119. [Guide] Scripting
  120. [Guide] How to make a Forum Complaint on someone
  121. How to make your own GIF.
  122. [SARP] Roleplay Guide - AUDIO
  123. Windows 10 FPS Boost
  124. [Guide] Dealership Prices