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2nd September 2015, 06:11 PM

A list of the rules in which must be followed while browsing, or posting here on San Andreas Roleplay Forums/Website. If any of the following rules are broken, any administrator had the right to infract you for your misconduct, depending on the situation, and severity of which rule had/has been broken, will debate your punishment.

The seriousness of an offense are listed using the color code listed below:

Heavy Offense - Defiant infraction, and or temp/perma ban if continued
Medium Offense - Possible infraction, and or temp/perma ban if continued
Light Offense - Infraction or Warning


Please do not spam admins to review your requests (frr, grr, complaints, famed, ect), this annoys the administrators, and fill up space in which they do not need to have. They will get to it when they have time, or the chance to do so. If they do forgot, you may remind them once.

Post in a serious manner, if the thread is asking you to. Do not troll threads that are asking for serious input or feedback. If the post is joking or just not serious, it's obviously alright to respond without being entirely serious.

Admin disrespect is not allowed. Disrespecting administration staff on forums will result a 3 days ban and (if continued) in-game punishment.

Insulting is now disallowed on any part of the forum (excluding IC posts and the spam section). Any serious form of offensive posting will result in an infraction.
Note: The insult is determined by the admin, not the player. Infractions will not be dealt for petty remarks.

Please do not post if you are not adding relevant information/content to the thread. Saying "Thanks looks good" is not an example of a good post. Likewise, short posts like "/supported" and others should be avoided as best you can. Before posting, be sure to think "Am I adding something to this conversation that is relevant and has not already been brought up?". (Doesn't apply to spam subforum)

Please post all threads in the correct sections. If you want to get people's opinions about a topic, General Discussions is the place to go. If you want to show your friends a funny video you found, try using the Entertainment and Media section. If there is not a section for your topic, there's a good chance it isn't by accident. For instance, forum games are not discussions and vice-versa. There is no section for forum games. This does not mean that you post them in General Discussions.

Applying for a user group you're not meant to - do not apply for a user group you are not entitled for. Doing so will result in a temp ban.

Using alternate accounts to boost poll results. Whether the poll is IC or not, do not use alternate accounts, we will find out, and you will be served a 1 month ban for it.

Do not post real life pictures of other players without their consent. Doing so may result in a ban depending on the severity of the situation.

You are not allowed to reveal any secret information of any player in the SARP Community. E.g: ( IP, Pictures, Names or Surnames, Address, Country of Origin, etc...) this rule only applies to SARP platforms (Forums, Discord, Server, Teamspeak)

These forums are not for pornographic material, anyone caught posting any type of pornographic material on Threads, Posts, VMs, Signatures, Avatars, Profile Pictures, Albums, PMs, ect will be banned. This rule only applies to actual nude photographs.

Content prohibited from our sites and services includes but is not limited to: (1) illegal content; (2) content in facilitation of the creation, advertising, distribution, provision or receipt of illegal goods or services; (3) offensive content (including, without limitation, court ordered defamatory statements, threatening, hateful or pornographic content); (4) content that discloses another's personal, confidential or proprietary information; (5) false or fraudulent content (including but not limited to false, fraudulent or misleading responses to user ads transmitted via our sites and services); (6) malicious content (including, without limitation, malware or spyware); (7) content that offers, promotes, advertises, or provides links to posting or auto-posting products or services, account creation or auto-creation products or services, flagging or auto-flagging products or services, bulk telephone numbers, or any other product or service that if utilized with respect to our sites and services would violate these TOU or our other legal rights; and (8) content that offers, promotes, advertises or provides links to unsolicited products or services. Other content prohibitions are set forth in supplemental terms for particular categories or services on our sites and services and all such prohibitions are expressly incorporated into these TOU as stated in the introductory paragraphs above.

You automatically grant and assign to us, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant and assign to us, a perpetual, irrevocable, unlimited, fully paid, fully sub-licensable (through multiple tiers), worldwide license to copy, perform, display, distribute, prepare derivative works from (including, without limitation, incorporating into other works) and otherwise use any content that you post. You also expressly grant and assign to us all rights and causes of action to prohibit and enforce against any unauthorized copying, performance, display, distribution, use or exploitation of, or creation of derivative works from, any content that you post (including but not limited to any unauthorized downloading, extraction, harvesting, collection or aggregation of content that you post).

List of default infractions ( we are not limited to those, if you find another way to abuse forums you may still get infracted ):


The usage of third party software / scripts to carry out automated attacks on users (rep/reacts etc.) is now strictly forbidden and will result in a forum ban.
If you need moderator over a section of the forums, be prepared to include publicly verifiable proof of leadership for that section. Do not expect an administrator to grant you moderator rights without proper evidence.
If you wish to report a forum user for something, we prefer if you report it using the forum method (click this little icon which is found on every single post http://www.gta-sarp.com/forums/images/styles/socialize/buttons/report-40b.png), this alerts the admins that someone may have broken a forum rule, and the correct administrators in which review those will take a look at it, and decide on it.


Most of the original content came from this post here, in which Purge (http://www.gta-sarp.com/forums/member.php?23244-Purge) was the original poster of this: Click Here (http://www.gta-sarp.com/forums/showthread.php?35775-Forum-Rules) for original forum rules

Header Graphic made by Watts.

As of rest, thanks to Justin Phelps (http://www.gta-sarp.com/forums/member.php?11097-Agent-Cole-Phelps)


Infractions/Ban Appeals, and Revealing Real Life Information

So first on the agenda, infractions have always been on SARP forums since the beginning of bear gang. The thing that people don't understand is that when you get an infraction, in most cases it's for Useless Post - Spamming, which means your post was irrelevant to the thread, or the thread itself was following section/forum rules properly which resulted in an infraction.

You can view your infractions by going to your profile, and hitting the "Infractions" tab, located next to your "Friends" tab as well as the "Thanks / Dislike" tab. It can also viewed via your settings: http://www.gta-sarp.com/forums/usercp.php

This is what the infraction list looks like. If you get up to 3 or more infractions will be temp banned (unless of course you get 10 points, that is considered "perma ban", and will require a ban appeal), and you must wait the days it tells you.

Usergroup Points Days Banned
Banned Users 3 3 Day(s)
Banned Users 4 7 Day(s)
Banned Users 5 2 Week(s)
Banned Users 6 3 Week(s)
Banned Users 7 1 Month(s)
Banned Users 8 2 Month(s)
Banned Users 9 4 Month(s)
Banned Users 10 Forever

In most cases ban appeals will be denied, because if you fucked up, there is no reason for you to be unbanned for it, or then punishments mean nothing. Which is why I pretty much handle all forum ban appeals, because the administrators got too lenient with forum punishments, while I have not. I do not automatically just assume all forum ban appeals are just to be closed ASAP, I do actually read them, look at the infractions received, and read the extend of the ban appeal itself, so sometimes I do actually lower the ban time, instead of keeping it at the original time.

Either way, if you do manage to get banned, and then unbanned, that does not mean your infractions "disappear" either, all infractions expire, and all infractions can be reversed. Infractions are almost never reversed unless a mistake was made, or the ban was invalid, which would result in the infraction being reversed.
So as an example, lets say I have no infractions (which would mean I have no points either), and then I was given two infractions for "Complaint Post Violation", which is worth 2 points each, equaling up to 4 points. Now that I have four points, it would mean I would be banned for 7 days, now lets says I wait it out, and so now I'm unbanned, that does not mean that my infractions are removed either, they all have an expiration date, in most cases its 20-30 days until they expire. You can check the expiration of infractions by viewing your profile, or settings.

Revealing real life information, private information about a player, and harassment are not tolerated here on SARP forums (nor in-game). So if someone is to reveal private information about another player, without that players consent, then that player will be automatically banned for at the minimum; 1 month, and will receive a 6 point infraction.
Now because SARP is full of smartasses, I will go into as much detail as I can about revealing player information as I can. Revealing player information would be classified as:

Exact or almost exact living area of the world. (i.e. Saying something like, "he lives in New York City" is not revealing. Saying he/she lives at 3216 Main Street, New York City, New York, USA. That would be considered revealing)
Social Media (i.e. facebook)
Photos of a player (If you post a photo of yourself in the "IRL Photos" thread, and someone downloads and edits it, that's your problem. You automatically assume the risks of uploading your photos on the internet. If their edits are offensive, and or are only trying to harass that player, then you may report that photo)

Thing that are not protected are programs like Skype, Steam, etc.

As a personal recommendation to those who get mad easily, have socializing issues, or generally has no clue how the internet really works, should not give other players their facebook, or post photos of themselves. You're giving out your own personal information at your own risk, and we're not here to be your mother, or baby you when you made a mistake, and you realized it was too late. I have SARP facebook friends, but that's because I pretty much trust them enough, but that doesn't mean one day they can't/won't backstab you. I would recommend that if you do wish to add SARP friends on your personal social media account, you most likely shouldn't just add a random person you know on SARP for like a month, as things may change.

Hopefully, this all helps people to understand the risks of HIV revealing personal information, and how infractions work.


7th June 2017, 10:09 AM

Do not apply for a user group you're not entitled to.

Doing so will result in a ban.
Any UG moderators please inform me/justin/destiny to whomever applies for a group they're not entitled to via a screenshot in a pm.

This only applies if it just looks like they're applying just because they can. If they have no valid reason to join (i.e. joined lspd faction), or are spam joining, then please inform us. If they accidentally apply once, and don't do it again, then ignore it.



Two new forum rules added;

> You are not allowed to create drama threads or any threads against the community's name which disreputes the community or server in any way. This includes to posts, signatures, etc. as well. Any such content found anywhere on forums will simply be removed.
> Insulting a community member on forums will now result in an infraction. This rule has been brought in due to the existence of the disrespect towards administrators infraction. You are not allowed to insult or disrespect any other member of the community on forums, being in threads, or posts, or visitor messages, anywhere in public. This rule does not apply to private messages. However you are not expected to use PMs as a way of insults, avoid it kindly.

You may use the REPORT button on the respective violating posts to report the user and the forum moderation team will handle it.

Rule implemented by Smo.


A new forum regulation added;

> The usage of third party software / scripts to carry out automated attacks on users (rep/reacts etc.) or to cause harm to the forum is now strictly forbidden.
This will result in a forum ban.

Forum Management

Updated - the rule only applies to SARP platforms (Forums,Discord,Server,Teamspeak)

-Do not post real life pictures of other players without their consent. Doing so may result in a ban depending on the severity of the situation.

- You are not allowed to reveal any secret information of any player in the SARP Community. E.g: ( IP, Pictures, Names or Surnames, Address, Country of Origin) this rule only applies to SARP platforms (Forums,Discord,Server,Teamspeak)

Due to recent security concerns within Administration, there is now a restriction upon how many accounts you may register. This limit is four (4) forum accounts. If you hold more than 4 forum accounts, you risk alternative accounts being deactivated or even deleted; we have found 4 to be a sufficient amount of undercover faction/group alternative accounts that may be needed, it's not very strict at all and all we ask for is cooperation. If you are found to be registering a forum account when you already have 4, you risk losing one of your alternative accounts being deactivated/deleted to replace the fourth account. This cannot and will not be undone, so think very carefully if you attempt to evade this rule as it may result in deletion of another alternative account you own.

Tip: If you own more than four (4) forum accounts, you are to make a forum related request as to which accounts you wish to keep, link all of their profiles when doing so. If a user fails to do this by the 22nd of December (72 hours), alternative accounts will be deleted/deactivated at random until the user is left with 4 accounts, once again, this CANNOT and will NOT be undone, so make sure you take this very seriously as it is not a joke at all.

Enjoy yourselves. The forum should be an enjoyable platform for everyone to use and no one should feel unsafe whilst playing our server or using our services.


These forums are not for pornographic material, anyone caught posting any type of pornographic material on Threads, Posts, VMs, Signatures, Avatars, Profile Pictures, Albums, PMs, ect will be banned. This rule only applies to actual nude photographs.