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Darren Fox
5th January 2016, 10:31 AM
NOTE: Its not completed, as I only listed the main things that can be bought in 24/7's if you have anything else that you feel is important, you can include it.

24/7 Guide.

Explanation of 24/7's and what can you find in them (main and needed things)


A cellphone can be purchased at any 24/7, smartphones and normal phones does not matter, its all the same. Only the look of it as well the color can be different, you can /call: Used to call a person you need to speak to, you can finish the call by typing /h, and if you received a call you can type /p to answer it. /SMS: This can be used to send a short message either IC'ly or OOC'ly, if you're using it OOC'ly make sure to use )) brackets.


A phonebook can be used to get your friend's number by using /number , but make sure that you have it IC'ly and do not MG it, or simply Roleplay getting his number somehow then do /phonebook and roleplay searching within the phonebook his number.


There's: Small Boombox, Medium Boombox and Large Boombox, all of them are almost the same its just the look of it looks different, Small Boombox is a normal radio, Medium Boombox is a radio with extra speakers and the Large Boombox can be purchased by being GVIP or at a tikistore, it is a DJ platform with huge speakers.
How do I use the boombox? You may use it by typing /placeboombox, for extra obombox fueatures you may use /edit.

[I]Walkie Talkie:

Walkie talkie can be used to communicate with your friends / family / Division in any faction IC'ly, the walkie talkie is not for OOC purposes.
You can set the channel of your walkie talkie by typing /channel [Number]
You can talk in the walkie talkie by typing /wt [Chat text]


A map can be purchased normally at any 24/7, you can use the map anywhere but you got to buy it first, you can use it by typing /map, a screen will pop up asking you where do you want to go and just click on something using your enter key or mouse, and it'll give you a red marker on the minimap so you can drive there or walk there, simply.
i.e: /map > Click on Bank > Red Marker on minimap.


Screwdrivers can be used for many purposes, you can use the screwdriver to steal a vehicle by using /lockpick, but make sure that you dont get cought by cops!
A screwdriver as well can be used to get into a locked house by typing /lockpick at the house's door, but make sure that the owner isn't around, as well you can use a screwdriver for many RP purposes, like stealing meat factories or casino's or even the bank with ofcourse admin permission.
How can I stop robbing? You can stop robbing by simply moving away from your place and run away.

Sprunk (Soda Can):

This item can be purchased to use it later on, by typing /usedrink, it can be used same as pot purpose which is for refilling your HP later on, you can purchase 5 or 10 at time no more, so we can avoid spamming and abusing of /usedrink.
How can I stop drinking? You can stop drinking by clicking "F".


Spraycan is used to change your car color as well to paint your car, or to paint a car which is paintable i.e: Sultan, Elegy, Flash etc..
You can use the spraycan by typing /colorcar inside a vehicle, and to paint your car or change the paint of it you can use /paintcar, you can use /paintcar 0 or 3 to remove the paint off your vehicle.


A condom can be bought for one reason which is when you try to /sex with a girl inside a car, you need to use the condom to avoid getting STD. What is STD? STD is a disease which you get by having sex without using condom, the affects of the STD can result into making you lose HP and reducing it till you die. How do I stop the STD? You can stop the STD by going to a hospital and stand at the heart located there.


Dice can be found inside any 24/7, you can use dice to earn faster cash but make sure that you're level 4+, you can go to any player and ask him if he wants to dice, then you use it.
How do I use dice? You can use Dice by typing /dice and the person with the highest number wins the money, numbers are: 1-6

Address Book:

The address book can be used to know a person's home address, i.e: If you want to buy someone's house and he tells you the information about it IC'ly you can use /address [Player ID] to locate it on your minimap in a red marker, you can follow the red marker and then you'll reach to your place.

Box of Matches and A jerry can:

These two items can be bought to do /lightfire, without any of these you cannot start a fire, you may start a fire by having a jerry can filled with fuel at the gas station at Idlewood.


A briefcase can be used for many things, you can use the briefcase by typing /briefcase equip, after that you shall do /briefcase and it will list the things to deposit / withdraw from it i.e: guns,crack,pot,money,mats.


Calculator can be used to simply do the maths for anything you need IG, i.e 555*45, its mostly used to calculate the price of crack / mats pot. You can use it by typing /calculate


iPod can be used to listen to songs while you're on a bike, and I mean a bike without engine i.e: BMX / Mountain Bike - you can turn it by typing /ipod and clicking the radio you want.

Ropes and Blindfolds

Ropes can be purchased so you can /tie someone inside a vehicle, but make sure that you RP tying him by typing /me and /do, also make sure that you dont PG it such as tying him while being in the back seat, /tie [Player ID]
The blindfold can be used while the player is tied by typing /blindfold [Player ID] - make sure that you RolePlay that as well.


Ciagrs are used for RP purposes or to make you look better, you can buy 10 Cigars by typing /buy inside a 24/7 and it gives you 10 cigars automatically.
How do I use it? You can use it by typing /usecigar

24/7 Locations:

24/7 Located at Idlewood's Gas station - Owner: John Orton
24/7 Located at Unity Station - infront of Unity Station - owned by Roman Lasek
24/7 At the newbie spawn - next to skatepark - Owned by Jason Prime
24/7 Behind bank - Downtown main 24/7 - for auction
24/7 Located at GYM - Front GYM - Owned by Jonny Willson
24/7 Behind Glen Park Ballas - Owned by Thomas Oki
24/7 Located at Grove Street - owned by Edward Roman