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Muhammad Walid
13th January 2016, 04:43 PM

Dear San Andreas Roleplay fellow players,

I've been working on this tutorial to help out players who are new to San Andreas Roleplay.
I'd be glad to help them out with my tutorial and of course I'd always be glad to give in-game assistance.

This guide is basically a guide about how you can get started to roleplay in San Andreas Roleplay, for example; what the options are, what kind of factions you'll be able to be a part of, gangs/families and how to get in them correctly. Keep in mind, begging will ruin your reputation real quick.
If you've any questions feel absolutely free to post them below as a reply and I'd be glad to answer your question, for any in-game assistance feel free to send me an OOC sms.

1 - Your first connect.
On your first connect you may think: 'Now I registered, what am I supposed to do now?'. The best way to start your character is generating some kind of story (background story) of your character that you create. Think this way: 'What skin color, is your character a thug? Is he a gentlemen, what kind of personality does he adopt? What kind of body structure?'.

Now when you've done all of that, you want to (of course) start roleplaying. Roleplaying on your own and with all random people may be boring, so you should find a group to roleplay with.
This can be different kinds of group, think about a friends group (group with some of your friends), a faction or a gang/family (can be unofficial of course).
When you're roleplaying with more players in case of all the way in your own, you'll notice that this is much more fun and you'll enjoy roleplaying much more.
Remember, it's not all about the roleplay. Also try to keep your OOC records low, do not get prisoned/banned too much, this may have consequences in applying for specific organizations.

2 - Earning money and getting gear.
There are different ways of earning your money, there are actually two main ways of earning it.
The first way to earn your money is to do simply (side)jobs without any roleplay, think about being a Mechanic, Pizzaboy, etc. Use the command /jobhelp in order to be thoroughly aware of the jobs.
Probably the best way but also the hardest way is getting your money in a roleplay way, the fastest method of earning money is probably joining an organization.
You actually take the money from other people, that'd be the quickest way, but it's pretty hard to find some kind of organization where you can earn some good money unless you work hard for that.
What you can do is join a random family, ask for money, be a snitch and leave. You're reputation will get ruined by that though, In Character and as well as Out Of Character.
You also get every paycheck money, how much money depends on your level. If you compare a level 1 to a level 10, the level 10 will get a higher paycheck than a level 1.]

3 - Joining a faction/family.
Roleplaying in some kind of faction or family is (in my opinion) the most fun way to roleplay and it can also deliver you a lot of money.
The reason why it's so fun is that you can make your way In Character up in your faction/family, and you roleplay your favorite role.

Lets talk about factions, when you're interested in joining a faction it'll be all about your roleplay. People that don't know you will judge you according to your roleplay, nothing else.
So basically you must have some pretty good roleplay skills, if you're still a newbie and still new to roleplaying, don't worry, everyone began somewhere behind!

• Joining a faction.
When you want to join a faction you must have good roleplay skills as I mentioned a above.
Mostly all of the factions require you to make an application on the forums, applying may seem hard to you but it actually is not so hard.
If you're using average grammar and can speak English regularly then you'll have a bigger chance on being accepted, faction leaders don't like members with a lack of English language knowledge.
The applications may seem to be long, but just take your time for it, if you want to make a good application it'll take about 60 minutes of time (standard).
Don't ever rush your application, people won’t take a quick made and reckless application serious, you'd be denied for a lack of effort.
If you have a nice long application, describing the answers of the question good then I can almost guarantee you that your application will get accepted.

• Joining a family.
Joining a family is mostly a little bit easier, you've different kinds of families where you are able to choose from, choose the best family that'd fit you.
If you like roleplaying as a gangster, then don't join a Mafia but some kind of a gang, when you like wearing suits and it isn’t about gangster type, join a Mafia.
You'll see perhaps a lot of advertisements in game something about 'looking for new workers', this kind of advertisements are the way how f-leaders search their members.
They can’t reveal their full family name and objectives because the Police/FBI would observe them In Character, so always keep an eye on this kind of advertisements.
You can check the families and gangs available using the command “ /families “ as well, but always be prudent not to metagame.

4 - Leveling up.

• You firstly spawn down in the Unity Station or somewhere else starting out a new player.
• As a lately registered or new player, you start out with no respect points to buy a new level.
• Respect points are points you gather each paycheck which you gain every hour.
• Sometimes, you may gain more than one respect point in an hour as by being a Gold VIP.
• You need to gather 8 respect points down in order to buy level two since that you start with level one.
• As you gather those 8 respect points, you may buy it by having a specific deal of in-game cash using the command “ /buylevel “ .
• The respect points you need to have actually doubles in order to buy higher levels just as the money you need to spend increases by a constant number of dollars.
• Buying levels by gathering the respect points benefits you down by earning more upgrade points.
• Those upgrade points help you upgrade either house gunlocks, armors, or car gunlocks as that by being charged too.
• Levels of players get appear down by hitting the tab button IG, it’s going to be titled as the word score.

Thank you for reading this.
I hope that this tutorial was useful for you, any form of criticism is allowed since it's only motivating me and helping me to get better in making this kind of tutorials.
This was made for helping purposes & giving assistance to newcomers of San Andreas Roleplay.

Best regards,

Muhammad Walid



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13th January 2016, 08:35 PM
Yeah, good job man, nice guid.

Shizzy Crowley
13th January 2016, 11:34 PM
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14th January 2016, 06:15 AM
Yeah, good job man, nice guid.

Good work.. really helped me (:

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15th January 2016, 09:39 AM
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Muhammad Walid
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Good start homeboy.

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