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Muhammad Walid
17th January 2016, 04:42 PM
Dear San Andreas Roleplay fellow players,
I noticed that most players are failing to elude from and react to being robbed in a roleplay manner. Therefore, I decided to show how any member of our community might respond or behave in a proper way to an armed robbery.

Initially, we have to understand the robber's purpose.

- The robber's character is supposed to intend to avoid any kind of serious damage that might turn the robbery into a big crime or murder.
- The robber would certainly desire to get what he or she wants by larceny and escape as fast as possible.
- This means that the robber will try to plunder you rapidly, and once the robber is done doing so, his or her character is supposed to definitely rush away so that the he or she would never get caught.

Then, before we start reacting, we have to plan to act in a realistic conduct.

- Relate the roleplay event that the robber starts with you to real life since it's what roleplay is all about.
- For example, if he suddenly appears to you with a gun while you're bouncing around in the gang's hood alone and it's late midnight, relate this to real life. What would you actually do?
- You're now a hood bouncer and the robber appeared out of nowhere, if you are not armed and he is, and he's just aiming at you, your character MUST act helpless. You wouldn't be able to resist or start a brawl with the robber in this case. This isn't an Indian movie.

Thereafter, when you start roleplaying, you MUST roleplay fear or shock.

- Since all mankind would get irritated and horrified from fraudulent activities in real life, your character must do the same thing.
- For instance, indeed for me, I would pee my pants and comply with an angry motherfucker’s rush order who comes all in a sudden to me aiming a gun at me and shouting all over during a late midnight with the street being empty. Makes sense, eh?
- Here’s an incredibly flawless way to roleplay fear as the robber mentioned above suddenly shows up.
“ /me suddenly dreads as he perceives the man showing up and starts speaking in a tensioned and fearful manner reacting to the man’s unexpected and horrific appearance. “

In case that you really have the ability and the balls to resist, fire back.

- Attempt to distract the robber by any means, and as you succeed at doing so, you can in fact pull out a gun.
- Once both of you are fully armed, a duel can take place between the robber and you.
- Distracting the robber can be done simply by roleplaying something like this.
“ /me complies as he starts soothing the robber and gets down on his knees drawing his right hand slightly near his back pocket-sac taking out a gun. “
“ /do This would happen so rapidly and inconspicuously in no time. “

Avoid powergaming!

- Always keep in mind that you are never allowed to force the robber to roleplay something unreal or impossible, and he’s not allowed to do the same thing.
- Both of you must roleplay things of one accord over “ /do “.
- This means that every single action that has an impact on both of your characters you and the robber do must be agreed over “ /do “.
- For example, the following is properly roleplayed.
Robber: “ /me approaches the man and clutches him from the back attempting to drive him helpless by making his muscles go fatigue. “
Robber: “ /do Do I succeed at doing so? “
You: “ /do Yes, you would succeed. “
“ /do No, [PROVIDE A REASON] “

Eventually, deathmatching & non-RP actions are prohibited and must never be committed by both the robber and the person being robbed.

- If a group of armed men approach you alone, and you’re disarmed, you MUST comply with their demands; otherwise, this will be a non-RP action committed by you simply because your character is supposed to have a defenseless status.
- Many players believe that if the person being robbed complies with all the robber’s orders, no matter how degrading they are, and the robber fires out a bullet from his gun and kills the person being robbed, it is said to be deathmatching, since it’s vividly killing without any roleplay reason.

The guide is intended to be sort of short for newcomers to be engaged in reading it. I'm really grateful that you've read this short guide, and I hope that roleplay rate improvement thrives really soon.

Truly yours,

Muhammad Walid

Jizzy Black
18th January 2016, 03:49 AM
This will help many new players, great guide indeed.

Derrick Martinez
18th January 2016, 04:05 AM
Thanks for this.

Agent Cole Phelps
18th January 2016, 06:10 AM
As bad as this sounds from a community helper but, bank robberies are gay, and the admin either takes one side or the other, resulting in one side or the other winning.

18th January 2016, 08:15 AM
Great guide. Keep up, I think you'd be useful for the Community Helpers.

3rd February 2016, 03:15 PM
Here is another thing to note is your characters situation and status when you are getting robbed for example. For example if you are in a tinted car with the windows up I believe you could if your character has a pistol in the ride be able to /me silently notices the individual approaching with their weapon and silently looks in the seat next to him/her and picks it up keeping it out of view from the stranger. If the individual notices the weapon they can either act fearful of getting in trouble for a murder case and listen to the victim to further the rp or they can choose to shoot him if their character is quick enough and has caught murder cases before. Also another thing to note is the aftermath of the robbery is how your character would react for example being a yakuza member I call up other yakuza members to hunt down the robber or robbers and extort money and make them pay 100k per week to keep alive and keep operating. For a normal law abiding citizens you may either keep quiet or call 911 and allow the LEOS to actually do a case. That is just how I view being robbed from the victim's perspective.

3rd February 2016, 07:08 PM
Why can't I just /q?

3rd February 2016, 07:09 PM
Why can't I just /q?

try it bruh

Nice guide.

3rd February 2016, 07:11 PM
Helpful for newbies "and high level powergamers"

3rd February 2016, 09:25 PM
Hey this is a good and helpful guid. But shiet look around you guys, are you really waiting for "newbies" to come and read all of this? I don't think so. I've never seen a "newbie" that usess the forums to get help on SARP yet..

Muhammad Walid
4th February 2016, 06:10 AM
Hey this is a good and helpful guid. But shiet look around you guys, are you really waiting for "newbies" to come and read all of this? I don't think so. I've never seen a "newbie" that usess the forums to get help on SARP yet..


Helpful for newbies "and high level powergamers"

Noted those high level powergamers? To be quite honest, it was actually purposed for those folks. I've had enough of them already, and the server has turned too dynamic that it's no longer about roleplay. Thanks for support guys, I appreciate it.

Wizzle Fresh
4th February 2016, 06:42 AM
Thanks G

4th February 2016, 10:36 AM
Great guide you got there.

4th February 2016, 12:01 PM
Great guide man, nice to see people helping others.