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Alan Brookside
17th February 2016, 11:36 AM

Hello guys this is my second guide in my entire SARP history. Recently I've noticed people don't know how to use proper BBCode (ex. IMG tags, spoilers..). I've dediced to make a guide about it to avoid people who don't know how to make something with BBCode posting irrelevant community assistance threads and because I can explain it better here than in a post on a thread. I'm going to go from the most basic BBCodes to the other ones in my guide. Thanks!

What is BBCode?

BBCode is a code that is usually used on forums and/or websites. It's a simple code with many functions and it's easy to do. There are many BBCodes. But every BBCode has the same system. You have to write a BBCode down in brackets
and you need to finish it if you want you text to appear bold (in this case);
[B] That's starting and finishing. Now the middle. In the middle of the BBCode you have to put text;
Now this text here will be boldNow this text here will be boldNot every forums have the same BBCodes because they don't all use the same versions and same forum

Basic & Most Used BBCodes

Alright I'll start with the basic BBCodes that many people know, but some still don't from what I've seen. Let me start;

Color BBCode is used to change the color of the text you've wrotten. It's simple to use. You can put the default color names to the code like this
or you can use the color IDs such as this
The outcome is the same since color ID #FF0000 "represents" the red color. You can get many many color IDs on color generator websites aswell. ex. Banana is my life(used here) or Banana is my life(used here)

There are also font BBCodes which change how the font looks like. We know many of the fonts on vBulletin forums and also on other forums, you may press the bar above which is tagged by "Font" and you can scroll for fonts. Alright so the Font BBCode uses text only, no numbers like the color one. For example, we want to make this text;
Hello, my name is Alan Brooksidein hmm, Impact font. You simply type
Hello, my name is Alan Brooksideand it should come out like this;Hello, my name is Alan BrooksideRemember, you can still browse for fonts over google and you can include them here.

There are also size BBCodes, which make the text size bigger or smaller. Example, on our forums the biggest size you can put it size 7. You can use the size BBCode like this;
Hello I am Alan Brookside
And if I put 5 for example, Hello I am Alan BrooksideIt should come up like this;Hello I am Alan Brookside

We also know the align BBCodes (center, left or right). You can simply use them like every other BBCode. Example, you can use right BBCode like this;

Hello I am Alan Brookside
and it should come up like this;
Hello I am Alan Brookside

There are also bold, italic and underscored font types, if I can say call them like this. They're used same as the any other BBCodes. If you want to make an underscore under your text, you can do this;
Hello I am Alan BrooksideIt should come up like this;Hello I am Alan Brookside
There's also a custom BBCode called st which is used to cross the text, like this;
Hello I am Alan BrooksideAnd you should get this out of it;Hello I am Alan BrooksideBe free to use the italic BBCode ([I]) and the bold BBCode ([B]). I'm not going to put just everything here.

People mostly also use spoiler BBCode and the code BBCode. Spoiler is actually a box in which you can put everything on your post, you can open and close in order to see its contents. You can use spoiler like this;
Hello I am Alan BrooksideYou should get this;Hello I am Alan BrooksideAlthough if you want to edit your text, such as font, color and stuff like that and put it in a spoiler, be free to do it. For example, I'll put a green color and a text size 3;
[COLOR=GREEN]Hello I am Alan BrooksideAnd I will get this out;[COLOR=GREEN]Hello I am Alan BrooksideAlthough, the html BBCode is a code that allows you to post inside the BBCode which doesn't work. I'll explain more, for example, if you have a spoiler and you put inside this;
Hello I am Alan Brookside-the [b] disappears and it just changed the text from normal to bold one. But if you use the html BBCode and you post this inside;
Hello I am Alan brookside-nothing happens as you can see. It's usually used for some formats (ex. family application).

Now, we're getting to the attachments (ex. images, videos..). They're also simple to add. If you want to, let's say, attach a screenshot in your post, you can simply take a screenshot ingame by pressing F8. You need to go to imgur.com (recommended website) and click the upload button, you can either drag pictures or found them on your computer (Documents - GTA SA User Files - SAMP - screens - select one). Click upload and when it uploads, you can simply find the "BBCode" link and copy it, paste it into the chat like this;
http://imgur.com/imagelink.png(or .jpg)Videos are acceptable but not all of the sites. Since I've noticed that youtube is bugged at the moment, I use www.vimeo.com. After you upload a video (I recommend vimeo, it's simple), you can use this to put it on the forums;


Alright guys I hope I've helped some of you, if you don't understand something feel free to post it here or message me anyhow, this isn't the whole list of the BBCodes that exist. Thanks!