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7th February 2017, 04:56 PM
Public Families Roleplaying and Rules H/G.
Alright, so I'm making this for the newbies that are joining public families, for example - Grove Street. Contents will be listed here:

1. Common Rules

2. Roleplaying Help

3. Gangster portrayal

1. Common Rules
Most of the players that are in public families do not understand the concept of the rules, and usually want to join gangs just to shoot people. This isn't understood very well so I want to post something about it.
Before I start, for the newbies looking at this, don't just join a gang to kill people. Join a gang for a reason, maybe to gain some respect, and settle into the poor life of your area. Taking this from Chris Sanchez' guides, have a background. It will be non RP for a middle class person to join a gang. Gangs have poor people, and the poor people in a gang usually do crimes just to speak up for themselves, show who they are to rival gangs and much more. Sometimes, the King of the gang would give you some weed or crack to sell. If you want respect, SELL what the king has given you, on his orders. SELL your crack or your pot, make some money and maybe use the profit to grow your own weed, and find some respect on the streets this way.

1.1 - Metagaming:
Metagaming is a rule stated in the Server Rules, found in the announcements of the forum. Metagaming is using OOC information for IC information. For example, saying 'LOL' or 'WTF' or 'hi Lemuel Mensah' is Metagaming. No one except for the past police officers that have MDC's know my full name, and LOL or WTF is used for /b as you wouldn't say WTF in real life, you would say 'Haha' instead of LOL, or 'What the fuck' instead of WTF. Of course, you can use LOL or WTF in SMSes, think of it IRL, you would use LOL or WTF in a text message or a social messaging app. But the rule is, you should NOT say these things In Character, and also, don't mention things like 'Tiki Store' or 'Black Market' in /wt or IC chat, because those are both OOC as Black Market is a VIP mapped shop, where VIPs from Silver+ can get some guns, and Tiki Store is for exchanging gifts GIVEN FROM ADMINS, which shouldn't be implemented to IC chat because tikis are admin gifts.
Aswell as that, don't MG /me's and /do's. If you see someone OUT OF RANGE, typing a /me pulls out a Glock from his waistband, switching the safety [OFF], don't react, because you would NOT see the person physically, nor you can tell that he pulled out a gun. Only react to RPed actions when you can SEE the person actually RPing the action. Another thing, don't MG car prices, if you've been told on /newb what a price is, don't use it ICly, ask the person you are dealing with, how much one mat/crack/pot gram costs, then calculate it. And another thing I forgot, never use /f or /b or /pm to call for OOC backup. Examples listed below:

*I would be in the backyard of Glen Park*
**/me takes out a shotgun, switching the safety *OFF*, raising it to waist height**
John Smith [Gangsta Accent]: Oh shit, some fool with a shotgun is coming!
This is MG because John Smith does not know that I have my shotgun.

*Me and John Smith do not know each other*
John Smith [Gangsta Accent]: Sup Lemuel Mensah!
This is also MG because I and John Smith do not know each other.

*Me and John Smith are driving around*
John Smith [Gangsta Accent]: Lets go to the Tiki Store or Black Market to grab some weapons!
This is MG because Black Market and Tiki Store is OOC.

*John Smith saw a hacker, and reports but gets angry on /wt*
This is MG because John Smith said he saw a hacker, in IC chat but hacker is OOC, and he said WTF instead of 'What the fuck'

*John Smith is detained, and he needs help but he uses /pm and /f for backup instead of IC chat.*
This is MG because John is using /pm for backup, even though it is OOC, which means Lemuel cannot respond as he does not know in character

1.2 - Powergaming:
Powergaming is performing something that you cannot do in real life, or forcing roleplay on another person. This is self explanatory, so I will briefly explain. You cannot fly, dodge fast bullets or jump buildings. And you cannot make another player scriptwisely satisfy you if you say for example, rob them. Examples will be shown for more understanding:

*John Smith is robbing Lemuel. As he is robbing Lemuel, he forces Lemuel to /pay because John RPly force-took Lemuel's cash*
**/me stuffs his hand in Lemuel's pocket, taking out his wallet
**/do /pay**
This is one way of PG because John is FORCING Lemuel to /pay even though John hasn't put Lemuel to a disadvantage like knocking Lemuel out for example, so Lemuel will not /pay because he can easily react to the pick pocketing.

*John Smith starts flying to dodge Lemuel's AK47 bullets*
**Lemuel: /me aims at John, pulling the trigger with his AK47, spraying 25 bullets at John
**John: /me flys away from Lemuel and avoids the bullets**
This is another way of PG because John is FLYING away from Lemuel's AK47 bullets, which in real life you can't fly.

1.3 - Deathmatching:
Deathmatching is killing someone with no IC reason. This is pretty self explanatory, as in the guide I will be explaining what IC and OOC means. Examples shown here:

Lemuel sees John at stacks, Lemuel tries to approach John in a friendly way, but John, out of the blue, SHOOTS Lemuel.
This is DM because John does not know Lemuel, does not know what Lemuel has done to John, and has no reason to kill Lemuel. DM is done by many players in Public Families, and this is one of the main points I'm trying to put out in the community.

1.4 - Kill On Sight:
Killing on sight is shooting and killing someone with no roleplay whatsoever. It is basically shooting and killing someone you see with no roleplay, this counts if you are near them, so if your close to someone that is shooting you, in a range that you can SEE their roleplay line, then it is not KOS. and when killing someone, you need to RP SHOOTING the person you want to kill, not just RP taking a gun out, switching safety OFF and aiming at the person you want to kill. This isn't a let off, you HAVE to RP pulling the trigger at your targeted enemy, or it is KOS.

Lemuel and John are on a quest to kill a few enemies from their rival gangs. They come out of the shadow and shoot their rivals. They have not roleplayed shooting their rivals.
This is Kill On Sight because Lemuel and John have not rp'ed shooting their enemies. This is the PROPER way to kill your enemies:

**/me takes out his MP5, reloading it, then switching the safety [OFF]**
**/me aims his MP5 at his target, keeping his finger on the trigger, then yanking it**
**/do Would the bullet connect with your body?**
This is a better way of RP killing your enemy.

1.5 - Revenge Kill
Revenge Kill is when you kill someone that has killed you before you entered hospital. Basically, you must've been shot by your enemy and you land in hospital and the cutscene occurs, then you go for your enemy and kill him. You need to wait thirty minutes as you have LOST your memory, after being killed by your enemy. Example would be shown here:

**Lemuel has killed John because he made his brother critically injured. So John has landed in hospital. John, immediately after getting out of hospital, buys guns from Emmet and shoots Lemuel. Instead of waiting thirty minutes, he does it DURING the thirty minute wait. So he has revenge-killed Lemuel.
This is revenge kill because you NEED to wait 30 minutes after coming out of hospital, to refresh your memory IN CHARACTER when the person killed you.

1.6 - In Character
In Character Chat is the chat that you normally use. Its basically this
Lemuel Mensah [Compton Accent]: Sup John, how ya doing fam.
That is in character chat. You would see it a lot. In Character is basically you putting your shoes in your actual character. You wouldn't speak of OOC information, nor say LOL or WTF in real life. You would more likely say 'Ha' or 'What the fuck'. In Character is basically you in your character.

1.7 - Out of Character
Out of Character is when your not using your character to talk about OOC information, SARP website and things like that. This is an example of Out of Character:
John Smith: (( Sup Lemuel, hows it been back in 2013 SARP ))
(( ** (6) Grove Street King Lemuel Mensah: Preparing some RP for us soon! ** ))
(( PM to Lemuel Mensah [1]: Sup! ))
The three examples are listed in order: 1. /b, 2. /f (used OOCly for a family) and 3. /pm
These are OOC chats, and using them more for OOC issues will help you understand more about OOC chats and IC chats, along with their differences.

Roleplaying Help
Many people would need help, and it would mostly be on roleplaying and rules. The rules are in the first spoiler. Now, lets get to roleplaying.
/me is used to tell others what you are doing, for example:
/me walks up to John, swinging his hand out with a open palm, offering him a friendly handshake

/do is used to describe your actions or a state of situation, for example:
/do Do you accept my handshake?
/do As I tag up the wall, my graffiti would be messy and unclear

/ame is basically a /me but is appeared on top of your character. it is usually used for appearances or emotions. for example:
/ame would be a 24 y/o male, with Grove Street Tattoos all over his cheek, hand and palm.
/ame would have a concerned and bored expression on his face

Gangster Portrayal
As said in the introduction, you simply cannot come from a rich family and be a gangster, because that is very unrealistic. And you also do not go to a gang for shooting. If your struggling to roleplay, please refer to this thread or any other thread that gives an explanation of roleplaying.

Role Playing a gangster is very good to show respect in the streets. You need to roleplay a lot of things. Here will be a list of some things I've thought about that you can roleplay:
-Playing dice with 2-3 friends, no need to have 5 or 7 people to play just one game, just a FEW friends is enough.
-Doing small jobs for the OGs. You can roleplay washing up a car or filling water in the engine and popping the bonnet open, you don't need the mechanic job for it, just roleplay it, show that you don't just care about shooting, but you also care about other issues, like street respect.
-Slanging dope or white. Roleplay showing the person you are dealing with, your weed or show the dude your crack-wrapped blocks or some shit. Just roleplay it. Roleplay as much as possible, and do it infront of everyone.
-Jump on your phone and play some games. Roleplay playing some random app games on your phone whilst listening to your music maybe on the boombox or iPod or something. It will be nice to see someone roleplaying even when there is no one around. Roleplay playing Flappy Bird on your Samsung or something, or maybe roleplay texting your friends.
-Have a nap or lie down, thinking about what crime you would do in some time. Roleplay lying down for 5 or 10 minutes, getting things off your mind
-Tag up the rival hood. Roleplay driving to your rivals hood, taking spraycans from the trunk and spraying up the walls with your gang tags. This will show your roleplay as well as respect.
-Roleplay rolling up a zoot and sharing it with your homies. Roleplay pinching up some weed and rolling it up, then lighting it up with a lighter or a match, and then just smoke it.
Just roleplay anything that a gangster would do. Don't Rob Banks or even help rob banks if your a street gang.

More will be updated on this thread

Chris Sanchez
7th February 2017, 04:59 PM
Theres a guide section for a reason, plus you are just listing rules.

Luke Shiels
7th February 2017, 05:05 PM
I mean good effort obviously, not really required as most newbies don't check the forums too often anymore.

Also this is the wrong section, I'll move it into the "Guides section"

Seems like you put a lot of effort in lol, you must've applied for admin XD

Robi Anghelina
7th February 2017, 05:14 PM
He seems like he put a effort. Props for that.

7th February 2017, 05:22 PM
Theres a guide section for a reason, plus you are just listing rules.

I haven't finished. hence why it is called "IN EDITION" xd.

7th February 2017, 08:59 PM
Theres a guide section for a reason, plus you are just listing rules.

stop hating bro.

7th February 2017, 09:06 PM
It's quite decent, I like it.

Chris Sanchez
8th February 2017, 04:26 AM
stop hating bro.

Saying something you dont like isn't hate, his guide doesn't tell anything new or give tips which you can't find in other guides. Guess you too tight to understand it.

8th February 2017, 10:18 AM
Saying something you dont like isn't hate, his guide doesn't tell anything new or give tips which you can't find in other guides. Guess you too tight to understand it.

stop hating bro

8th February 2017, 10:23 AM
stop hating bro

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Robi Anghelina
8th February 2017, 10:27 AM
kys already u fat abortion

That makes no common sense.

If he was an abortion, how comes he was born?

8th February 2017, 10:27 AM
That makes no common sense.

If he was an abortion, how comes he was born?

shut up robi

8th February 2017, 12:47 PM
I like it, it's a decent information base for people to read. I'll have a proper read when I get some time and if everything's okay I'll make it official.

8th February 2017, 01:00 PM
I appreciate your interest and care for newbies, and yeah thread is good and information given in it also good, and you have put efforts in it, so yeah good work.

8th February 2017, 05:49 PM
shut up robi

stop hating bro

Chris Hargrave
8th February 2017, 11:43 PM
Nice Guide.

12th February 2017, 10:37 AM

13th February 2017, 04:40 AM
Well, I like it but most of the newbies are not using forums.

15th March 2017, 08:07 PM
That's too much for a newbie to be honest.

20th March 2017, 02:45 AM
That's too much for a newbie to be honest.

If they actually want to learn they could read through this or other start-off guides more deeply.

20th March 2017, 06:18 PM
If they actually want to learn they could read through this or other start-off guides more deeply.

I agree with you.

20th March 2017, 07:15 PM
You should tell people that they should type in third person in /me's and /do's rather than first.

21st March 2017, 02:36 AM
You should tell people that they should type in third person in /me's and /do's rather than first.

Ight, i'll edit that rn. Thanks for the advice

EDIT: Thats up to them really, /do's can be used in third or first person