View Full Version : Retired Administrator New OFFICIAL Rules

Agent Cole Phelps
14th February 2017, 07:22 PM
Many of you are a bit confused on how one becomes a retired administrator after one was an administrator, so I will now officially lay out the rules here. I (Justin Phelps) am the one runs the Retired Administrator program, admins involvement is not permitted (excluding Tiger Woods).

1.] If you were a Probationary Administrator, and quit, or get fired you may not be considered for Retired Administrator usergroup.

2.] If you have become a Junior Administrator and quit, even if you were an admin for 1 second, you can/will be considered a Retired Administrator with usergroup.

3.] You will never be considered for Retired Administrator usergroup if you were fired the last time you were a Junior Administrator or higher.

4.] If you were ever a Junior Administrator or higher+, rejoin the admin team as a Probationary Administrator, then quit as a Probationary Administrator, you can still be considered for the Retired Administrator usergroup.

If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me and I'll try to make it more clear. I'm pretty sure I thought of everything on here, so it should be simple to understand.