View Full Version : Post Count Update

Agent Cole Phelps
9th March 2017, 03:10 PM
Recently a lot of you may have noticed you lost post count or gained post count(somehow), that is because I updated the profile mesh cache, which was supposed to fix issues with the search index.

The search index needed to be pruned, and rebuilt which was done so things like this don't happen:

What you're looking at was a users created thread search history, which only showed 10 threads (which was obviously wrong). Now it shows the proper search:

This affected anyone trying to search for anything genuine, their username, specific threads or posts/replies. So now you should once again be able to use the search feature, and it should come up with better listings.

For those who lost 1000's of post count, PM me, and I can look at log history to prove it and fix it for you. Please list exactly the last number of posts you remember having so I can search in logs.