View Full Version : New Slot Owners

13th August 2017, 08:08 PM
This thread is targeted towards those who have recently received a slot.

We are now making this clear that the following regulations must be met to keep your slot.

1. Families who do not post a family thread within a week will be disbanded. Your story must be at least 300 words. We also would like to encourage families to develop their threads over time through family progression and character development.
2. Families who excessively break the server rules (including trolling) will be disbanded.
3. Slot holders of families who get imprisoned will automatically be disbanded.
4. Roleplay screenshots should regularly be posted on your family thread else otherwise this will be investigated and may lead to being disbanded.

As a note we are striving to improve the script and non-scripted related family features in the near future. Families are our number one priority as the Development Team as of now.

Looking forward to what your families have to offer.
Council of Spokemen
Development Team