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28th August 2017, 11:00 AM
Due to a recent attack on SAMP as a whole there's been a wide-spread of problems that've came along side this. As we can't do much about this, and must wait for Kalcor to fix this issue. Meaning we could be waiting for a while. There isn't any simple fix to this a restart won't fix this. This issue is out of our hands. Yes we can filter the IPs that are happening through the attack however it wouldn't stop it as the attacker(s) are spoofing the IP that the attacks being done with.

What can we do to help with this issue? To simply put it, nothing. This is a waiting game. We either wait for Kalcor to do something or we wait for the attacker(s) to stop. Which by the looks of it wont be soon. Yes there are short-term fixes for this however by the looks of it, it'll just start back up after an hour or so.

What happens while the attack is active? There's a range of things, but here's a list.

You could loose connection constantly or rarely
You'll notice ping spikes
You'll be desynced a lot more frequently
The servers DDOS protection (might) block you out more frequently

Now after tracking some small analytics I've found that this primarily affects the following places:

Czech Republic

The US seems to be the most stable country in terms of the desync issues. However if you live in the US you're probably still going to be affected by this just a much smaller scale compared to other countries. I'll try my best to help supress the issue but as of right now we've only gotten the server to a "playable" state.

More information will be posted as soon as I get it.

31st August 2017, 11:37 PM
UPDATE: The hotfix released on the sa-mp forums was applied and seems to be working.