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24th September 2017, 10:13 AM
When you make a character you are making a different person. It is not you. Make that distinction clear, and remember it always.

Everytime you make a new character before you have their look, height or background story, give them values.

Values make up the foundation of every human. They control why we do things, and what we choose to do.
There are 2 types of values: Situational values, and Core values.

Situation values can change at any time in your life and depend on the problems/situation you are in.

Core values do not change easily. They are principles we give importance to and shape our lives around.

Me for example, my 3 core values are freedom, inner harmony and health. Almost every decision I make in my life outside of SA-RP fits into these 3 values.

If I applied them to a new character for example he would probably think twice before hitting a cop. Why? Because freedom is a core value of his. A cop can take that away by putting him in jail.
My character wouldn't eat fast food like Cluckin' Bell, or smoke cigarettes. Why? Because health is a core value of his. If he went against his core values by being put in jail, eating cluckin' bell and smoking, he would be going against his core value inner harmony (inner balance/peace) because he violated his other core values.

When roleplaying you have to be careful to not act against your character's core values because if you do, you break character and you are no longer playing a role. It becomes you just playing.

So first, find 3 core values that will heavily influence your character's decision making. Here's a list with over 500 values to choose from (http://here%27shttp//www.threadsculture.com/blog/company-culture/core-values-list-threads/)

Once you have 3 core values, you can start writting a background story if you like. This is not nessecary. If you choose not to, then at least write a 3 sentence history on your character.

For example:

Angel grew up in a single parent house hold. He is in high school and his dad died from a drug overdose.

That is good enough to get an idea of what your character is like.

You can add more things to make your character come to life. Things like anger issues, shyness, boldness, etc. Here's a list of over 500 traits to choose from. (http://ideonomy.mit.edu/essays/traits.html)

Is this really all you need to start roleplaying?

Yes! Players who want a more interesting and complex character will add more personality traits. But all you need is a different set of core values to help you think different from your real self.

This is making a role, and playing it like an actor in a movie. You're not the character.. remeber that when you get angry and upset!

24th September 2017, 10:23 AM
l o l

24th September 2017, 10:32 AM
Would've looked better if you used headings and colors instead of spoilers. It is nice though.

24th September 2017, 03:34 PM
Would've looked better if you used headings and colors instead of spoilers. It is nice though.
I didn't want to overload the eyes with information so I used spoilers to feed it bit by bit. All those words can discourage readers from even finishing the first paragraph.

It's appearance could definitely be improved upon through, that I agree with.

Alex Brooks
24th September 2017, 03:59 PM
Great way to teach people how to make it. Good work. :D

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i like the spoilers