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22nd October 2017, 03:01 PM

Point Rules

Public Families
Public Families are not allowed to capture points.

Family Skins
During a point, all of the family members must use skins from their family skin set.

Double Capturing
Capturing 2 points at the same time is not allowed, you may only engage in one on-going point.

Ping Limit
Players with 500 ping or above are not allowed to participate in points, because they would be hard to hit and would have an advantage over other players.

Shooting before / after Point
You are allowed to start shooting after (XX:50) and you must stop shooting after the point has been successfully captured by a family.

Promoting to Capture
Promoting someone to Rank 3+ to capture a point is not allowed.

Most Wanted/Chased by LEO
If you are Most Wanted (6 charges) or are being chased by LEO, you are to not attend.

Blocking the Capture Point
Blocking the capture point is not allowed, however you're allowed to block the boundaries in order to make it harder for other families to breach in, whereas you are forbidden to cover the /capture icon to avoid being shot.

FMD at Point
After you die in a point, you are not allowed to /service ems or get any kind of revive. You must /accept death or stay in the injured state and spectate the fight.

Civilians in Point
Civilians should stay out of the point boundaries, if they are caught inside, they can be killed by the families capturing the point.

Families inside the point can shoot the other family camping outside on sight, however the family out of point camping isn't allowed to shoot in point (for non interior points.).

Sniping is allowed from out of point to in point and in point to out of point. You are obviously a target if you're sniping out of point to in point and you can be shot out of point to out of point.

Point Limit
One family is allowed to hold a maximum of 3 points at a time.

Family members who are able to /mask due to being in a group are not allowed to use /mask while fighting in a point.

Mercenaries are not allowed.

You are only allowed to attend a point with the intention of capturing it. Fighting just for the sake of fighting is prohibited.

Chasing a person is allowed if they entered the point boundaries and attacked.

Shooting IP to OOP is prohibited unless you are killing a sniper.

22nd October 2017, 03:17 PM
Rules might be adjusted, make sure to check both /pointrules and forums. /pointrules is dynamic so if we make a change we will make sure to update it as well, in case they do not match or forums change but in-game doesn't - the forums will be the main source for the rules.

/pointrules in-game: