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23rd December 2017, 03:22 PM

Christmas 2017
San Andreas Roleplay

Santa Claus has come to San Andreas and needs YOUR help!

Help Santa find all 15 presents around Los Santos for an awesome reward!

How do I collect presents?

It is very simple! Around the entire map of San Andreas you'll find presents. These presents can be (almost) anywhere: on rooftops, underground, on the pavement etc. It can of course be very hard to find these! Use /trackpresent to get a hint of where a present might be.

Approach the present and type /getpresent to pick it up! The present will then disappear!


After collecting 15 of these presents, you can use the /claimreward command to claim a reward.

What can I do after claiming my reward?
This Christmas is not just about YOU. It's time to spread the love.

After claiming your reward, you can continue to collect presents as normal, but they're no longer useful to you. Do other players a favour and help them by giving them your present! /givepresent


https://i.imgur.com/g2OwmVv.gif You earn $15,000 as a karma reward each time you give another player a present! https://i.imgur.com/g2OwmVv.gif
Have fun!

24th December 2017, 08:47 AM
The event has been implemented.