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29th January 2018, 10:14 AM

Faction Management Changes

As it has been circulating around the forum, I can confirm that the Sector 9 will be making its return into the community. This is the first change that is going to (possibly) impact you in-game at one point or another. You'll understand why I made this decision further down in the changelog. For those of you who might be unaware Sector 9 is a secretive faction of which the members identify as the Department of Homeland Security. Their role within the server is to moderate Government factions for crimes such as corruption and whatnot. Dependent on the scenario they can fire you, faction kill you, or in worst cases - CK you.

Whilst Sector 9 is being reinstated into our community we can wish a sad farewell to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I made this decision when it came to light that the FBI realistically are insubordinate to State & Local laws, which in simpleton terms means they only investigate crimes such as terrorism and things of that nature. Given our current playerbase I faithfully believe the San Andreas Police Department is suffice to handle crimes of the aforementioned nature. Thank you to all those within the community who contributed towards FBI's developments both in script and practically; but for now - farewell FBI! (this disbandment will take effect once S9 is implemented in-game)

Due to Sector 9's reinstation it made logical sense for the corruption rules to be revisited. I have loosened the bolts around the corruption rules so that players who are not in an Internal Affairs (or your factions equivalent) division are entitled to be corrupt. With Sector 9's presence you will always run the risk of being caught out and punished in ways you couldn't even imagine.

The final change regarding factions I'd like to make within this announcement is that the faction hop rules have been revisited. In order to skip the 5-day faction hop rule you must gather permission from both the faction you were/are in, and the faction you intend to join.

Thank you for your continued patience whilst myself and Bella work towards making factions work as best in the server as possible (given its current state). For those who might be sceptical please bear with us whilst we twist some cogs and experiment to try and make factions run as smoothly as possible!

I wish the best of luck to Sector 9 on their return to the community! I'll be instating Sector 9's faction rules within the appropriate topic as soon as possible so we can have everything in place and ready to go.

Dirk & Bella
Faction Management

29th January 2018, 11:38 AM
FBI's disbandment is now active, though Sector 9 is not operating just yet.