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17th May 2020, 03:01 AM
Election system tutorial


Hello everyone,
We are glad to introduce the new election system implemented in the game. Please check the video for quick knowledge.

When the election is opened in-game, you will be instructed via PSA, how to reach the election room, and things. While you are there, you will find a room, you need to /voteenter inside. Please bear in mind, only one person can enter the room at a time.
While you are inside the room, you need to reach the front table and use the command /evote . You will see the selection menu appeared on your screen. You can move your mouse, while you are moving the mouse, you will be shown the menu you are in. Press Left click of your mouse to select the vote. Your vote will turn in green color ( Selected ). If you want to cancel your selected vote, you can re-select it and press Okay. You are only able to select 3 senate candidates while voting. Once you select the THIRD vote, you will no longer able to select or deselect votes. Once you finish selecting 3 candidates, your vote menu will disappear. You will be instructed to leave the room. Reach by the door and use the command /voteexit for leaving the room. Congratulations! You have done your part!

A few things to know,

Only 1 person can be inside the room.
Only Level4+ players can /voteenter and /evote.
Moving your mouse while using /evote will auto show the selected vote, you need to press LEFT CLICK to confirm your action.
Admin/Developer/Government leader has full right to force you out from the room if something wrong.
Public administrators are not included for /voteenter or /evote .
If found any abuse/exploit, the administration team has the right to punish you.