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Keven Ruthless
19th June 2020, 01:26 AM
Discord Rules and Punishments


Account Sharing:
You are only permitted to have one registered account in the Discord server, of which you are the sole owner of. You are not allowed to let other people to gain access to your account.
Punishment: Permanent Ban.

Administrator Disrespect:
You are not allowed to disrespect or harass administrators. Administrators are here to moderate the server and enforce the rules. Treat them with respect, don't take out your frustration on them.
Punishment: Temporary Ban, Permanent for repeated offense.

Astroturfing is defined as any kind of posting with ill intentions aimed with the purpose of causing of doubt and disruption within the community, usually as a means of bringing the server into disrepute and to drive people away.
Punishment: Permanent Ban.

Ban Evasion:
If you have been banned, you may choose to make an appeal over the forums. Any attempts to circumvent this ban by means of making sockpuppet/alternate accounts will result in a harsher punishment.
Punishment: Permanent Ban.

Revealing IRL Content:
You are not allowed to post someone else's real life information, media or any content pertaining to them without the permission of said individual.
Punishment: Permanent Ban.

Server Advertisement:
You are not allowed to promote or advertise any other server or community over the Discord channel, which includes videos, images, IP addresses, Discord invites, websites etc.
Punishment: Community Ban.

Phishing and Fraud:
Any kind of fraudulent practice of sending links purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information or for monetary gain is absolutely prohibited.
Punishment: Community Ban.


Avoiding Punishment:
If any admin or moderator confronts or mutes you, you are not allowed to leave the server to avoid said confrontation. In case of mutes, this involves rejoining the server to remove the mute.
Punishment: Temporary Ban.

Inappropriate Content:
You should not post any NSFW, graphic, pornographic, racist etc. media in the server. If there's any relevant media that pertains to an ongoing and appropriate discussion, use the spoiler code to hide it.
Punishment: Mute, Temporary Ban if intentionally repeated.

Player Harassment:
You are not allowed to target any player and repeatedly harass/bully them in any way, either by means of direct messages or voice communications.
Punishment: Temporary Ban, Permanent for repeated offense.

Revealing Secret Information:
You should not reveal any confidential information pertaining to the server over the Discord server, regardless of whether the information is IC or OOC. If you come across any unauthorized information, you are to contact a moderator or an admin for further discussion.
Punishment: Temporary Ban.

Sealioning is a form of trolling which consists of making pointless requests or asking useless questions to which one already knows the answers to, where the troll maintains a pretense of civility and sincerity.
Punishment: Mute, Temporary Ban if intentionally repeated.

Toxic Behavior:
You are not allowed to portray behavior that is meant to intentionally disturb another player or the community by means of spreading hateful or annoying messages in an attempt to bring the said person/people down.
Punishment: Temporary Ban, Permanent for repeated offense.

You are not allowed to post any extraneous messages or content intended to deliberately upset someone, cause issues or incite an angry response from them, usually for personal amusement.
Punishment: Mute, Temporary Ban if intentionally repeated.


Inappropriate Name:
Your (nick)name on Discord must not contain any hateful, racist, sexist, pornographic, targeted or outright inappropriate wording.
Punishment: Warning, Temporary Ban if intentionally repeated.

Non-English Conversation:
San Andreas Roleplay is an English-only platform and hence you are expected to use the said language only in the chat. If you wish to converse in your local language with somebody, send them a direct message instead.
Punishment: Warning, Mute if repeated.

Requesting Invalid Roles:
You should not request roles that you're not entitled or authorized to, or try to trick any admin or moderator into giving you an invalid one.
Punishment: Warning, Mute if repeated. Temporary Ban for deception.

You are not allowed to send multiple chat messages back to back without them containing any valid/relevant content, or copy and paste the same message over and over.
Punishment: Mute, Temporary Ban if repeated.

Useless Pinging:
Do not use the @ functionality to ping everyone or certain individuals for trivial/useless reasons or for the mere purpose of annoying them.
Punishment: Warning, Mute if intentionally repeated.


Credits goes to Panky (https://gta-sarp.com/forums/member.php?6132-Panky)