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    List of Featured Guides

    Featured Guides

    Instead of having all of the guides bunched up on the section index taking up half of the space, we've decided to create a listing of them all instead, known as Featured Guides. This will be updated by myself on a regular basis with guides that have been created with a decent amount of effort put into them, and are useful to the community.

    If you have any queries with an entry on this thread, such as adding a new guide or remove one then send me a visitor message or private message.

    Guides for New Users
    Recently joined San Andreas Roleplay? Check out all of our useful guides that will get you started.

    - Beginner's Guide to SA-RP - X

    In-game Information
    All guides relating to information in-game such as prices, vehicles and accessories.

    - What each colored name means in-game - ?
    - Binco Shop List and Prices - ?
    - Tiki Store and VIP Gifts - X
    - Common Abbreviations - X
    - Play custom music in-game - X
    - Dealerships - X
    - Jobs - X
    - Which admin do I need to contact for my problem? - X
    - Reporting a player - X
    - Usage of Tazers & Rush Taze Rule - X
    - Factions - X

    Forum Guides
    Not too familiar with the forums?

    - How to use the forum moderation tools - X
    - How to give reputation
    - How to use BBCode features

    Roleplaying Guides
    Gain some knowledge in many types of different roleplay styles, and how to roleplay correctly.

    - Basic roleplay terms and conditions
    - Medium roleplay guide
    - Advanced roleplay guide
    - Guide to realistic RP driving

    - Guide to Mobster roleplay

    San Andreas Game Optimization / Modifications
    Learn how to make your game experience better by either speeding it up or adding new modifications.

    - How to increase your FPS and make SA-MP run faster
    - How to install modifications using Spark
    - Lag & Modifications - X

    Scripting / Mapping
    Guides related to in-game scripting and mapping.

    - SAMP Object IDs
    - How to map using SA-MP Map Editor
    - How to add textures in mapping

    - Getting started with scripting - X
    - Going further with scripting

    Guides that simply don't fit anywhere else.

    - AutoHotKey Guide (Binds)
    - AutoHotKey bind to equip all of your gears

    I'm still adding more and making it look a little better right now..
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