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    [Guide] Youtube link to a .mp3 [OFFICIAL]

    On /newb, a lot of questions are being asked on how to convert a youtube link to a .mp3 so that it can work in a boombox. Here is a quick one time guide that you'll remember for a long time. If you need questions, feel free to ask here.

    Step one;
    Highlight the youtube URL and copy the link.

    Step two;
    After you have your youtube URL, type in in another tab.

    Step three;
    Put the youtube URL into the bar, hit enter and then wait a couple seconds for the link to be converted.

    Step four;
    You'll be linked to this page, you'll then right click the yellow box.

    Step five;
    Copy the link address and then put it in your boombox! :)

    Step six (OPTIONAL);
    Open up or any link shortener, put the link you got off into and then your set.

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    Credits goes to Darnel Inglewood
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    This guide has been checked for accuracy and is hereby verified and NOT outdated, the thread is now open for replies.
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    It's outdated now, offliberty doesn't work anymore.
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    You can register and upload audio files on then copy the direct link and put it in your boombox. Thats what I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrpeepee View Post
    You can register and upload audio files on then copy the direct link and put it in your boombox. Thats what I do.
    Yes this one works, maybe make a tut bro.
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