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    [INFO] What it takes to be a Helper

    During our time being here, we have noticed that many players in this Community truly believe that becoming a helper is as easy as pie. I would like to brief you that being a wrong thought. Joining the Community Helpers Team is not that pleasurable and simple. Another group within the Community are those who get denied during their phases to become a helper and may not know the exact reason for such denial. Therefore I'll be listing a few tips to graduate yourself to Helper material if you're interested in becoming one. I suggest you to take your time and read the following notes discreetly before submitting an application.

    ⚫ Do you believe you are Helper Material?

    The first phase you encounter is taking the step to apply. Therefore you should believe whether you are capable of being a helper or not. Helper material. Take a minute or five, to think about it. "Am I Helper material or not?", "Do I truly believe I got what it takes to be a proper Helper?". Only when you are one hundred percent sure that you are capable of holding this position, only then you should apply.

    ⚫ Capacibility of helping?

    Although helping over the newbiechat isn't enough to enter this team, it plays a big role into your application. Therefore you should be helping valuable over the newbiechat. Try to put quality within your answers. For example; Someone questions "How do you get a driver license?". Everyone is able to use /newb and respond with "/dmv". Even a hamster can respond with it. No, Helpers are different, we're looking to something extra, players whom are born to ut some effort in an answer. It doesn't have to be that long, but you can, for example, precise it to "Hit /dmv, follow the checkpoint and do the test inside (/sitlicense). It costs $10,000". That is already a big difference which is more effective towards the questioner. Another point-out is questioning yourself whether your response would be useful or not, before submitting it (hitting enter). An example to clarify it a bit: Someone asks "How do you become an Arms Dealer?". And the response "/jobhelp" has already been given twice. Now if you'd respond with the exact same thing and answer with "/jobhelp", then you are clearly not Helper Material. That speaks for itself, your answer was nothing else but useless. You have then two other options. Either ignore the question, or response with a better, different answer. Vary a bit. You could for example answer with "/Getjob at the job icon near Big Ammunation and run materials. Use /sellmats and /Sellgun to sell your materials or craft a gun. /Jobhelp for more information". If no complete answer has been given yet, then I suggest you to go for option two. That makes your response crucial and useful, which is what we're looking for in a Helper.

    ⚫ Attitude.

    Another important note within the Helpers Team is the attitude of the applicant/helper. A helper is to remain a rolemodel to anyone, especially the new players under the community (also known as newbies). Therefore you are required to behave properly. There are two different facilities whom are important to reach Helper Material which I'd like to point out.

    As much as it is a human habit which is difficult to leave aside, especially on the internet, you are not to insult anyhow. One of the phases on the applications is a proper check of the applicants behaviour via in game activities (logs) or on the forums (latest posts). If you're caught insulting anyone in a serious manner, you will be denied on sight. As a helper you will be either double striked, or discharged from the team, depending on how serious the insult was. Beside that, your behavior towards others should be nice.

    -Strictness and matureness
    Your behaviour won't influence your applicants via negative behaviour. Having an extreme positive behaviour may affect your application either. You can be a kind guy, whom never insults and is always ready on helping the new players that doesn't make you Helper material yet. An important kind of behave is your matureness and professionalism. As an applicant/helper, you are to remain as strict as you can. You have reached your maximum development in yourself and you are therefore able to defend yourself in a proper way, can come up for others or speak for yourself without the desire to hatred from others, and are a non-biased person. In this team, there is no space for silly worms whom cannot defend theirselves and/or are too biased and show a high leveled favoritism. An example of what can occur: One of your best friends has abused the newbiechat and you're the only helper online. There's no guarantee that we find out you not warning your friend, but if we do, you may face harsh consequences. Other then that, other players online can hit /helpers and find out you being the only helper online and showing no reaction which gives not only you, but the whole helpers team a bad look. Another example; you disagree with a certain action. We expect you to give then your opinion without any doubt. Everyone here is human, and everyone has other thoughts and opinions. It is almost impossible that 10 out of the 10 helpers agree on a certain action being taken (helper related). Point yourself out and give us your opinion. After all this is the internet, there's no reason to be scared of anyone.

    ⚫ A well shaped application.

    The most important phase in the pad on becomnig a Helper is a well shaped application. A proper application takes quite an effort to compose. Therefore you need to spend a while on making such application. Take your time, if necessary, let it take some days, re-read it a couple of times to make sure it does not (or barely does) contain grammar mistakes. Under grammar mistakes, we don't only understand misspellings, also variation of words and sentence forms is required. We don't like to read the same thing over and over again "And I'm willing to help newbies untill they understand how to do this or how to do that", "I'm suited to be a helper because of my nice attitude and I love helping newbies", etc... Pimp your application to a way higher level with an intermediate level of English. Don't stick with the same words, be creative with them, search synonyms of certain nouns and verbs. Lengthen your application above the minimum amount of words necessary. Use the right theory to produce such application. Only then you are bounded with a proper Helper Application which shall impress the Public Relations Team and give you a better chance on becoming a full Helper. You can sure question a helper about your application before submitting it, but don't count on a correction. Helpers are allowed to give tips on how to improve it, plagarizing anyone's application or letting a Helper make/correct yours will result in a blacklist from the Helpers Team, therefore think wisely before you take actions. The best of course is to bring it out your own mind. Don't give up when you have no inspiration left. Google stuff, wait a day or two to get some more inspiration, try everything allowed that could help you on generating the best of the best.

    A helpful site on making such application with a variation of nouns, adjectives and (ad)verbs is this one (click me). Here you can easiy obtain synonyms of countless of words to make your application more attractive. Again, take your time.

    I hope that any applicant takes his time to read the given tips and learn something useful out of it. The smallest things make the biggest differences. If you follow those notes, then there's no way in failing.

    “Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.”
    ― Coco Chanel

    Sincerely yours,

    Credits to Khenjie for the idea.
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