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    [GUIDE] Driving Correctly

    Driving correctly for our server

    Hey there, you are new to the server or might be just an old player that doesn't know yet? Heres a guide that will help you get around Los Santos in a realistic but safe way because nobody likes being hurt by the pesky rule breakers.

    Table of content
    section 1 - Parking Properly
    section 2 - Correct driving
    section 3 - Intersections & signs
    section 4 - LEO Ride away.

    Section 1: Parking properly

    Parking properly is crucial in our city so please park your vehicle properly for others, if parking in parking lots follow the diagram below.

    If parking on the side of the road against the curb, follow this diagram.

    Section 2: Correct driving

    Correct driving is a must do in Los Santos so this section is going to cover every basic driving notice you are going to need to be the perfect driver.

    1. Always wear your seatbelt.

    2. Any road that you are on always be in the right lane as the left lane is oncoming traffic and we don't need accidents.

    3. Slow down at intersections

    4. Keep a speed limit of 45km/mph on a road that would normally be busy.

    5. Clear the way for vehicles with sirens.

    Section 3: Intersections and signs

    At all intersections please slow down, take a good look before you go and always remember if they was there first, they go first. Its common knowledge folks so there isn't a point for diagrams here.

    Section 4: LEO ride away

    All vehicles with sirens have the road as ride away, please pull over to the side of the road if you see sirens coming or going your way, failing to do so will result in jail time and possibly a wreck.

    Lane switching for emergency vehicles.


    created by: Alvaro Armarti
    Last edited by Alvaro Armarti; 10th September 2016 at 06:00 PM.

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    Very detailed lmao I'm a driver IRL so i already know the rules its the actual kids who don't drive irl that drive like brainless monkeys, thanks though! Don't forget guys right hand side of the road!

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    Pretty useful. Thanks Alvaro :)
    I feel like there might be a change happening on the server.
    I suggested something in that suggestion thread by Lucas and sweety actually accepted it. Goodbye Pay n Sprays!
    SA-RP warning list. The players on this list should be considered DANGEROUS two-faced snakes. Rumors tell that some of the people on this list could be known as pedophiles in the community:

    • Anders Rossi
    • Casper Holstein
    • Larry Fox
    • Sil Wheatley
    • Jay Conway
    • Joseph Kennedy
    • Bella Clava
    • Bella Clava's son
    • Safo Glover
    • Dan West Rellex

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger Woods View Post
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