Guides that have been moved/marked to the 'Outdated' section are guides that have not been edited for over five (5) months from the last edit. Or, tutorials/guides that have not been updated within the given time frame due to a server update or change. Our server is constantly improving and updating its script, it's volatile, the same goes for Discord, Teamspeak and any other services that fall under the San Andreas Roleplay Community. Please be sure to keep your tutorials/guides updated as failure to do so can leave some players misinformed.

An example would be a donation guide, if the donation guide were to guide some newer players to believe the price of let's say, a Custom Vehicle was $40 instead of what it actually is, $20; this could leave newer players misinformed and demotivated to continue playing before they've even registered an account. This could also be spotted as a mistake via the form, but since the Community is always updating, it's good practice to keep your tutorials and/or guides up to date.

The San Andreas Community Helpers Team thanks you for your cooperation, if you are having trouble editing your thread or making certain fixtures, you can contact either myself or Emilio and we will make sure the issue is straightened out as soon as possible.