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    [RULES] Read before creating a Guide/Tutorial

    The San Andreas Roleplay Community welcomes player-created guides and tutorials, it allows us all to come together and create a resource database for members and guests to use when they're lost and possibly frustrated; they really do help people at times! However, there are always one or two bad apples that'll spoil it for the rest, and for that reason, there will have to be a few rules put in place for the creation of unofficial guides.

    1. No illegal download links are to be supplied. This includes anything not limited to, supplying illegal download links, tutorials on how to 'crack' software or malicious programs. Always give a link to a trial if there is one.
    2. You must always post a virus scan. If you are posting a guide with a program that you, or someone else who is not an extremely reputable company has created/found, you are to supply a virus scan of the program as well as the link. Use Virustotal.
    3. Do not plagerise. You can NOT copy a substantial or miniscule amount of information from another tutorial/guide without the authors permission, if you have been given permission, give them credit at the end of the tutorial as well.
    4. Please keep all content user friendly.
    5. You are not allowed to share any threads with unverified content. If the guide/tutorial contains a download link to a program that you or someone else has created, the Community Helpers Team will then verify if the program is safe on a Virtual Machine, until it has been verified, do NOT share your thread.
    6. If your tutorial/guide has not been edited within five (5) months, it is at risk of being archived, please remember to keep all tutorials and guides updated to the best of your ability.
    7. No affiliate links. Do not post or supply any links that redirect users to websites which may contain malicious advertisements (Adf, linkbucks and so forth), instead, give the main, undisguised URL. Failure to follow will result in immediate removal of post content.

    The San Andreas Community Helper team reserves the right to change and edit any rule at any given time.

    The San Andreas Community Helper Team
    Last edited by J; 26th February 2017 at 12:46 AM. Reason: Rule number seven has been added.



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