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    How to stream your own music in-game [OFFICIAL]

    There are alot of newbies asking how to play their own music in game, thus I decided to create this small and precise thread.

    What to do?

    Get on the youtube and open the song you want to play.

    Copy the link and head to the Paste your link there and click "OFF"

    You will see following and click "I want the video file" after you will see

    Then just paste the url in the custom link and you are good to go!

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    Thanks for the tutorial! Hope it helps the newbies so they don't flood the newbie chat asking about custom music on boombox.

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    Should know that the links only last about 24 hours. At least all mine did.
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    Good thread :)

    I made a video for how to use youtube video but I never thought to post it xD


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    Great guide, Chris.
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