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    How to make an image act as a link?!

    Interested to know how can you make an image directs them to a link? Follow the steps below!

    1. For example this is your link;
    2. Now wrap that link into the URL code, i.e;
       [ U R L = W W W . G T A - S A R P . C O M / F O R U M S ] Empty [ / U R L ]
    3. Just like the above URL, you just have to insert the IMAGE LINK on the 'Empty' box WITH the image codes, i.e;
       [ U R L = W W W . G T A - S A R P . C O M / F O R U M S ] [ I M G ] T H E I M A G E L I N K [ / I M G ] [ / U R L ]
    4. For example, this is your image link/address;
       [ U R L = W W W . G T A - S A R P . C O M / F O R U M S ] [ I M G ] H T T P : / / I . I M G U R . C O M / N W U W Y G . P N G [ / I M G ] [ / U R L ]
    5. When you have a link just like I have, above, the output will be something like this;

    6. So when you click on the image, you'll be redirected to the forums.

    Important Note: After the sassy man Mr. Jerrele Freaking McKenzie testing this out, I realized that I forgot to add a note, so this will NOT work if you have any pop-up blocking extension or software installed, when you make an image like this, and click on it, only the image will open in a new tab and it'll say ' One pop-up blocked ', click on it and check out ' Always show pop-ups for this site ', after you have that checked out, you'll now be redirected to your desired website address, once again, the city of towns is saved by, Jerrele the sassy guy!

    Happy SARPing!
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  2. Thanks Aaron. thanked for this post
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    Woah, Thanks for the guide.

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