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    Before requesting assistance.

    You can submit a community assistance section question here.

    The community helpers team is always trying its utter best to ensure an enjoyable playing experience is given to you, the players at all times; it's understandable as a new player that you will have many questions to ask, whether it be about the server itself, (this can be anything ranging from rules to the script itself or just other general questions) teamspeak, discord and the forums and so forth. The community. The community helpers team members will always do their utter best to answer any question or concern you may have, regardless of the scale, however, some guidelines must be followed to ensure maximum organisation is achieved when doing so. You can find out how to properly request assistance from the community helpers team below.

    It's in our best interest to keep a fault and success database for questions and answers, this is because some questions may be exact duplicates as other questions, resulting in quick solutions being provided as the team members are already familiar with the issue during previous helping, to keep an organised database or 'section' you must ensure your thread title specifically defines what your problem, concern or question is; as detailed as you possibly can make it. Within the thread itself (your post) you must also go onto explain (in detail) what your problem(s) or questions are, an example is: I submit a question stating 'I cannot open the San Andreas Multiplayer client.' I would then go onto submit relevant information that can help solve a request quicker, this can include (but is certainty not limited to) my operating system, personal computer specifications, my game version (1.0 etc) my SAMP client version and other relevant information such as whether the game copy is legitimate or not, by doing this, you can save a lot of unnecessary posts which contain questions to obtain such information, we will do our best to give the community as many solutions as possible and will not give up until the problem is either fixed or deemed unfixable which unfortunately happens in some cases.

    Please note, you may only ask questions that are relevant to San Andreas Roleplay, the San Andreas Multiplayer Client itself or any other community platform of San Andreas Roleplay (Teamspeak, Discord etc). Questions that are irrelevant to these categories will be immediately closed with any possible malicious messages (such as possible hidden advertisement information and so forth) removed.

    Below you can find examples of correct questions titles as well as bad title examples; always try your best to be as detailed as possible.

    'My Grand Theft Auto San Andreas sound is not working anymore?'
    'My San Andreas Multiplayer client won't open?'
    'How do I create a thread on the forum?'
    'How do I give reputation to another member of the forum?'

    'I cannot log into [OtherServer], help?'
    'need help!'
    'How do I pirate San Andreas?'

    Rules of the /newb(ie) chat.

    Do not abuse the /newb(ie) function in anyway. Abuse can be, making irrelevant comments which do not answer questions or comments which are not questions as well.

    Verbal warning if the said player is new.
    /newb(ie) warning if the said player is of level two or above.
    /newb(ie) mute if said abuse continues.

    Do not use /newb(ie) for questions that aren't related to the servers script. You may use the question/technical assistance form here if you need to submit a question regarding the server (not script related), teamspeak, discord or the forum itself.

    Verbal warning.
    /newb(ie) warning if said abuse continues.

    Do not use the /newb(ie) chat to report players or rulebreakers. You may use /report for that, we aren't administrators and it floods the chat with unnecessary messages.

    Verbal warning.
    /newb(ie) warning if said abuse continues.

    Do not use /newb(ie) to: thank, welcome or apologise to other players or members of the community helpers team. You can use /pm for that or /sms with the correct OOC brackets '(( Message Here ))', it floods the chat with unnescary messages.

    Verbal warning.

    Do not answer questions that are irrelevant for the /newb(ie) chat or are clearly troll questions. Doing so is almost trolling itself, if someone asks 'How do I /sex IRL?' You don't go 'Type /sex. Don't abuse /newbie.' then you'll be warned/muted yourself as it floods the chat with more spam and trolling.

    Verbal warning if the said player is new and unaware.
    /newb(ie) warning if the said player is of level two or above.
    /newb(ie) mute if said abuse continues.

    Do not provide incorrect answers or answers you are unsure about on the /newb(ie) chat. This can coause mass confusion within the community sometimes as well as possibly leading a player to unwillingly rulebreak, if you don't know the answer by the tip of your heart, then simply do NOT answer.

    Verbal warning if the said player is new and unaware. (Level one - two)
    /newb(ie) warning if an incorrect answer is provided by a player of level three or above.
    /newb(ie) mute if incorrect answers continue.

    Do not use the /newb(ie) chat to 'verbally warn' other players as a player yourself. Verbal and actual warnings are to be handled by community helpers and authorised administrators only, do not backseat moderate.

    Verbal warning if the said player is new and unaware.
    /newb(ie) warning if the said player continues to impersonate the job of a helper.
    /newb(ie) mute if said abuse continues.

    Do not use the /newb(ie) chat to explain a 'miss chat' or 'MC'. Instead, that said person should contact a helper or administrator themselves and the helper will then announce whether it was a miss chat or not. If you were warned but believe your miss chat was legitimate, make a /newb(ie) chat appeal here.

    Verbal warning if the said player is new and/or was a genuine accident.
    /newb(ie) warning if a player says 'MC' or the 'accident' happens again.
    /newb(ie) mute if said abuse continues.

    Do not use profanity or full capital sentences on the /newb(ie) chat. We do not accept profanity, even within answers nor do we accept full block capital sentences, an example is: 'WHERE DO I FIND 24/7 AND BUY VEHICLES?!".

    Verbal warning.
    /newb(ie) warning if the said player is level two or above. (Helper discretion)
    /newb(ie) mute if said abuse continues.

    Here are some examples of how you should and shouldn't use the /newb(ie) chat.

    "What is the best job for a player whom is new to the server?"
    "Where may I be able to purchase a vehicle and find vehicle prices?"
    "I cannot find the bank, can someone direct me to the location please?"
    "How can I submit an application to join the Los Santos Police Department?"

    "Jacob, call or SMS me asap or turn on your phone"
    "Fucking Administrators won't respond to my report?"
    "Selling guns sms me"

    Rules of the /helpme command.

    When using the /helpme system, a message is then broadcasted to all helpers who are on-duty and available to help (I.E not in roleplay etc). /helpme must only be used if visual assistance or one to one help is completely necessary in the case, please do not use /helpme for questions that can be answered over the /newb(ie) chat, also do not use /helpme to request money or any other items either. We've also had reports for hackers in the past, we're not Administrators, please make sure you use /report if a hacker is present within the server. Only use /helpme when it is completely necessary, situations can include visual assistance sessions for improving roleplay or learning more about roleplay, how to generally get started in the server, to be shown common buildings such as the bank, dealerships and spots where players hang out the most.

    Do not abuse the /helpme system in any way. Such as using it as a means to communicate with helpers or to throw slurs at the team and so forth.

    /newb(ie) warning at the discretion of a helper depending on the severity of abuse.
    /newb(ie) mute dependig on the conintuation and severity of the abuse.

    Do not use profanity in /helpme. It is broadcasted globally to every helper, no one wants to be hit with offensive profanity.

    Verbal warning if the player is new. (Level One - Two)
    /newb(ie) warning depending on the severity of abuse.
    /newb(ie) mute if said abuse continues.

    Do not request money, items or anything in-character over /helpme. It'd be metagaming if we were to give you items in an OOC sense, we're not here to seed you, we are however, here to help.

    Verbal warning if the player is new. (Level One - Two)
    /newb(ie) warning if said abuse continues after verbal warning.

    Do not ask something over /helpme that can be answered via the /newb(ie) chat or for a 'ride' to a location. We're not a taxi system, if you are unware of the said location that's different, all 'taxi' requests will be denied.

    Verbal warning.
    /newb(ie) warning if said abuse continues.

    We will do our best to be as lenient as possible within the community helpers team, we do not like to warn or mute people for unfair reasons, however there are strict guidelines as there are a few people who like to take it too far and abuse the systems we have set up to offer assistance for newer players. If your /helpme request is incorrect or does not stand out as a good example of how the system should be used, you will normally be /hpm'd back with a reponse and have your /helpme request cancelled, however the community helpers team will not tolerate abuse over the /newb(ie) chat nor the /helpme system at all; always remember to be as specific as possible. You can find some examples of correct and incorrect usage of the /helpme system below.

    "Can I please have some assistance regarding how to roleplay?"
    "I don't know where the bank is, can someone please show me?"
    "I have no idea where to start, I'm new, can I please have some help?"
    "Where is the building for paintball?"

    "/id 69 is hacking! Ban him"
    "Can I have some money or items please? I'm new!"
    "Can someone invite me to a gang?"
    "I need money"

    Remember, the community helpers team is always doing its utter best to ensure an enjoyable playing experience is available for every player upon this server, whether you're new to the server or a veteran player, some key tips when requesting assistance via any of our systems is to always be specific, this is a must as it helps us as helpers, provide the best possible solution for you when we completely understand you. Please be patient as well, sometimes helpers may be busy helping other members of the community, patience is a virtue. Also, it's best to always be polite, respect is a two way street, our helpers will NEVER be directly disrespectful to anyone first, however they will not put up with being abused.

    Jerrelle - Revamp. Thread.
    Orys - GFX (helper team logo)
    Kash - Old thread/Guidline.
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    Rules have been updated and more defined to fit the current community, nothing has really been added or removed therefore the rules upon this thread will be effective immediately. More information regarding asking for assistance has been added, feel free to familiarise yourself with the thread.

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