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    Making your own Police/Fire/Military/Aviation radio feed for SARP /carradio[OFFICIAL]

    So basically i have recived some questions about how one makes a live policeradio feed that works in SARP. I will now show you how.

    First off you go to a website called it will look like this.

    You proceed by clicking on the Listen tab and then this will show up.

    On the map you can choose wich state you want and then city. We are going to use the NYPD for this example but anyone works. After clicking on New York this page shows up.

    Now we choose our city and since we want to listen to the police in new york city we click on that and comes to this page, with lists all the avilable feeds and scroll down to the NYPD ones

    We want to listen to the NYPD Manhattan - 1st, 5th and 7th Pcts. So first off we verify that the feed is online by checking the status to the far right and then in the droplist we choose Winamp as our player selection (This is important or otherwise the link wont work) and then we press the play button on the far left.
    A new window will open with a link in the addressbar. Looking something like this.

    We copy that link play it like any other MP3 file on SARP using the /ipod or /carradio.

    I have collected a few links here as examples for you to listen to or use IG if you want. I chose these 2 particular ones because they are busy with a lot of traffic on them : NYPD the link we just made here in this guide
    New York Fire department citywide dispatch

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    Brilliant guide, this will definitely enhance roleplay for a large majority of the server who roleplay law enforcement officers. I've added the logo for you, thanks once again.

    This guide has been checked for accuracy and is hereby verified and NOT outdated, the thread is now open for replies.

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    Brilliant guide! My dad is always using this at home just for his own use, I find it quite interesting, especially when there is a big emergency like a burning building or something.
    When a player is RP'ly injured on SARP...

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    tried it and now I feel more like a real cop, thanks bud

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    Great Idea! So I can hear the news while I'm in IG :D

    Nice work there Nash



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