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    The Fire System [OFFICIAL]

    The fire system is intended to increase the activity of FMD, with further updates to the system in future updates. Future updates may allow players to become more brutal towards placing fires. As this is yet the early stages of the fire system, more is yet to come.

    What'll happen if I run into a fire?

    You'll catch on fire, and in doing so you'll lose health. You'll also feel a bit dizzy. If you are on a bike you may also catch fire. A firemen may use their fire extinguisher on you or jump in the sea to feel relieved. Firemen do not catch fire.

    How do I put out fire?
    If you have a fire extinguisher or a fire truck, aim to see a red cross to help you aim. When your firing at the fire a green cross will appear indicating that you are putting out the fire. Flashing green indicates you are putting out multiple fires at once. No need to worry about catching on fire, just assure you're in a firemen uniform.

    How do I create fire?
    You may light a camp fire provided you have brought a box of matches from the 24-7. In future updates, you'll be able to light bigger fires that cause more damage. You may use /lightfire camp to create a camp fire.

    How do I put out my camp fire?
    Use /putoutfire while your around it. You should note, you can only create one camp fire at a time.

    I'm a Senior+ Administrator
    That's great!
    You can control fire with
    1. /destroyfiresinarea [radius],
    2. /createfirecircle [radius],
    3. /createfireline [length],
    4. /createfire [type] [offset],
    5. /getfireid,
    6. /destroyallfires,
    7. /destroyfire.

    Apologies for the FPS lag, running a lot on a low amount of memory.
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    nice system and effort, octet. i hope i'll receive an unban so i can try this out, mate.

    good one

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    keep updates like this coming, im glad sarp development team is once functioning normally as it should

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    good fucking job m8
    Youngest in charge.

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    Jacob, you're awesome.

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    Cool, Good Luck.



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