Hello everyone, today I will be showing you how to download and convert a youtube song to MP3 ONLY, not a video. it's easy and we won't use software/program.

Well, it's an easy tutorial and we won't use any kind of software/programs, just a website to download any song and convert it to MP3, if I saw that the tutorial is helpful for everyone, I am going to make a tutorial about how to download MP4 [Videos], So let's begin our tutorial.

First of all, you will have to choose a youtube song, any youtube song/video but you will be able to download the voice only, I will use Scared to be lonely song. After you choose a song, edit the song'g link and make it http not https, then add listento after www, for example: http://www.listentoyoutube.com/watch?v=e2vBLd5Egnk.

After you write this, you will directly go to a website called listentoyoutube.com. Now, you'd see your video link in a box and beside it, there is *GO*.

So, you will just leave the link in the box and you can also place another link if you want. Now, You will just press *GO* and you will see that your video is being coverted.

Now, you're very near from the last step. Well, you will directly go to another page and you will see "Conversion completed. Your file is being prepared for download.....". Now, just press *CLICK HERE to get your download Link*, Like this.

Now, you will see another page and you will see "Click Button below to download MP3" and you will see *Download MP3*, just click on it.

Now, you will see "Thanks for downloading" and "Convert another video", you can press in "Convert another video if you want to download another song, just copy the link from youtube then paste it.

Finally, your download is read and being downloaded, it will take 2-4 minutes [Depends on the song and your network speed] and that's all, you will get the song [Voice only].

That's all for today, thanks for watching and I hop you like it. Feel free to PM me if you need any help regarding this.

Rachel Sammons