Serial Killers

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are 25 - 50 active serial killers at any given moment. San Andreas has finally got two of its own. (Yay?)


Two serial killers are loose in San Andreas. The FBI and police department needs to catch wind of the killers before arresting, or executing them.

We hope this will be a great opportunity for both the Bureau and the PD to roleplay forensics investigation in detail, with the addition of scripted crime scenes allows the killers to showcase their brutality in detail, leaving trails with appropriate evidence behind for law enforcement.

The serial killers will be accepting a character kill upon capture or death by law enforcement.

Upon being killed by a serial killer, the victim will be greeted with the following message. You will only be player killed, you will not lose anything either. The purpose is to allow for investigative roleplay for LEOs and murder roleplay for both victims and murderers.

  • Revealing the OOC identities of the serial killers is classed as revealing secret information.
  • The serial killers are limited to two murders per day.