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    Santino_S_Rizzo's complaint against Mike_Godos, Joseph and Bella(?)

    Helper Related Complaint
    Your in-game name:
    Date of incident:
    24 December 2017
    Helper(s) involved:
    Mike_Godos, Joseph and Bella(?)
    The rule(s) broken:
    Well, probably Joseph or Bella (since there's no OC Head Helper) hired Mike Godos who can barely speak English.

    I thought you need to be fluent in English in order to become a helper but here the exact opposite thing has happend. They hired Mike Godos as a helper. Bringing the helper teams reputation to dust. Not only Mike but they also hired a few more peeps who can't speak English properly.

    Evidence (SS/Video):
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    Sorry but I don't actually see any wrong doings here, might just be me. Let me tell you why I don't see anything wrong done here.

    First off, we can't prevent people from joining the Helper Team for lack of fluency in the English Language due to the fact that it might not be their first language. Most Helpers and most players are from all over the world; from places like Brazil - where our Head Helper Koji Takamato is from. Pakistan - where quite a few Helpers and Senior Helpers are from.

    This being said, preventing Mike from being a Community Helper isn't the best thing as he isn't from an English country most likely, or rather a country which speaks it fluently. That's like me saying let's stop a Polish person from becoming a famous person because we can't understand them. Bit dumb honestly.

    Furthermore, Joseph and Bella are the Directors of the Helpers Team [one is the Assistant I think???] and so they are allowed to hire through applications. We don't just look for the fluency in the English Language but we also look for the activity that the player who has applied to be a helper has.

    For example;

    Applicant A applies for the Community Helpers Team. They then get their logs checked and he only has 2 newbie logs in November and 5 in October. Applicant A would be denied instantly due to lack of activity and effort.

    Applicant B applies for the Community Helpers Team. They have their logs checked and the following comes to view. 189 newbie logs in November and 201 in October. Applicant B would be accepted due to activity and effort.

    See where I'm coming from? We can't just deny him for that, there's many more factors which contribute into being a Helper.

    Just throwing in my two cents.
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    Why's this even a complaint? You can't just fc him for that. Just because his English isn't perfect, that does not mean he shouldn't become a helper. Players deserve chances and he was given one. He's doing a good job as a helper.

    This complaint is invalid.

    Each applicant has to reach a majority vote, he reached it & he got hired.


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