JD Disbandment

I'd like to announce that the Judicial Department has seized its operations from this point onwards. The recent departure of the leader (Jay Cortez) has left the department leaderless, and even in the given scenario where we appoint a new leader we just don't feel it would be worthwhile. The JD served a purpose to a small ratio of the server, and it has been agreed upon that SARP's environment isn't suitable for JD's growth and continuity.

What does this mean for the server? It means that the court system will be completely outlined, BAR certificates will no longer be existent as they will no longer serve usage. Be aware that this won't necessarily be a permanent disbandment and in the future it may well return under new leadership, however given SA-MP's current state I do not deem this a realistic scenario.

I thank Jay Cortez and the rest of those who contributed towards the Judicial's development both in script and practically. A lot of effort was put into making this court system work and it's a shame that it couldn't have gone further within the server.

Dirk & Bella
Faction Management