I recently found this useful thread from other forums wherein this is useful for people to use /bs for their screenshots.
You write /ss in normal SAMP chat, send it with ENTER and within n seconds, it takes a screenshot (SAMP F8) of your game with the togged HUD/CHAT (you don't have to double F7), and then it blindfolds you, takes a screenshot of your chat and unblindfolds you into normal mode, with HUD/CHAT enabled. All within n seconds, all you gotta do is adjust your camera on how you want to take the screenshot and type /ss. The screenshots go to your SAMP screenshot folder, just like F8. And also, it won't work if you type /ss anywhere other than SAMP chat. -crimeson
• Download the hotkey file here.
• Run the exe file as usual.
• Get in game and adjust your camera of your liking. Type /ss.

Virus scan if you're a bit skeptical. File's safe, it's false positive. Click here.

If you want to modify the codes on your own, here's the ahk file. You need AutoHotKey for it and any text editor to edit the codes.