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    Complaint against Josh_Steel

    Player Related Complaint
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    The rule(s) broken:
    Providing false information as a helper over /newb
    I asked a question on /newb whether bunnyhopping is allowed or not with the current animation of the run. Josh Steel said no and linked me the /rules command.

    I checked the /rules and there was nothing relating about bunnyhop.

    I can send the full screenshot if required. The evidence is crystal clear.
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    Make a PR complaint but we all know what will happen.


    Moved to PR complaints section because he is restricted.

    Who's going to close this?!?!
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    It's not Josh's fault that this rule isn't listed in /rules? However, I'll personally warn him to be more precise when giving answers next time.

    He didn't provide ''false'' information deliberately, therefore, no action will be taken against Josh.

    Last edited by Liker; 23rd March 2018 at 07:06 PM.
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