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    How to role-play "Fear".

    I checked forums and looked at the amount of FC's on Non-RP Gun fear etc, I went through my notes and found a thread I made before about roleplaying fear...

    Fear defined:

    To understand the terms that will be described in this post, we first need to have a general knowledge of what fear is.

    Fear is an emotional response to something that you perceive as a threat or as dangerous, in which can cause harm, injury or pain to either yourself or others. To simplify, you're afraid of something. This reaction is a natural reaction and part of the human nature, and every animals nature, to be more accurate. Whenever you fear something, you will be all means try to avoid it as far as it goes, however, there are certain situations in which you are forced to defy your fear. (Wikipedia)

    Moving on to the different type of fears you are required to roleplay.

    Gun fear:

    A common term when it comes to administrative punishment is ''Non RP - gun fear''. You do not have to fear a gun itself, however, it is the outcome of an action made with the gun which should be feared. The most common gun fear you encounter on the server is when someone is holding a gun pointed at you. You may not be afraid of the weapon itself (depending on what type of character you're roleplaying as), but the fact that you may get killed should be "scary" enough for you to comply with the person.

    I'll list some examples below:

    If you're being held at gunpoint by cops. You simply don't take out your gun and shoot them back, as RP'ly you'd be shot before even managing to brandish the firearm.

    - Another example is if you're being robbed. If a person is holding a gun pointed at you, you wouldn't immediately take out your gun and shoot them back, as the time it takes it to pull the trigger is way less than it takes to reach for the gun and aim it then pull the trigger. The only thing that makes it possiblein game is due to this being an online game, in which there are lags, delays and many other factors which makes it physically possible to perform such action, despite the fact that it is un-roleplay.

    - Ramboing is no longer a separate rule, however, it falls under the Non-RP Conduct-rule. This is for the same reason as listed below. If you're in a shootout, you simply do not run towards the shooter when you've got no cover, due to the fact that you'd be afraid of getting shot. Even though it requires many bullets to kill you, making you able to perform such action in the game, it is still considered Non-RP.
    (This rule falls under most High Roleplay Servers)

    You need to think like if you were to be held at gunpoint in real life. You'd be terrified of getting shot, even in shootouts.

    Of course, there are exceptions. These exceptions have to be evaluated case by case, however, the main point here is that it needs to be roleplayed properly, and you need to have a roleplay reason behind the action. I'll list a few examples below:

    - A person robbing you is drunk. You roleplay noticing this and at the same time roleplay that you'd pull your gun out and shoot at him. To avoid power gaming, you'd have to ask in /do whether you're able to perform the action. If yes, you would take out your gun and shoot at him.

    - Someone is holding a gun to your head. The person gets distracted by let's say cops or something similar. You roleplay that you use your arm to push the gun away while he's distracted. Of course, this also depends on what type of character you're roleplaying. It has to be a person who does thing fast and correct, etc.

    Cop fear:

    Cop fear is a type of fear that mostly applies to characters who have involved the play of illegal activities, mostly gang members or wanted people.

    Cop fear is when you're afraid of cops due to something that you've done/doing, or if your character is generally afraid of police officers. You would try to avoid encountering and/or interacting with cops at all cost. There are many examples of cop fear:

    - There are four gang members in a vehicle, in which all of them are armed and/or in possession of illegal substances. You would try to interact at all cost, which means that you would drive properly in order to avoid getting stopped by cops. Many things that this only applies when you're being pulled over,
    however it also applies before you've even encountered cops. In anysituation, they would drive reckless, and when attempted to pull over they'd rather take off, ending in a pursuit and shootout. Then again the fear of dying applies. You should ALWAYS try to avoid cops as early as possible which means that driving properly is the best solution.

    - A wanted person confronts a police officer for no / poor reason.

    - Gang member approaches a police scene where the road is blocked off / enters restricted areas.

    - Cops show up on a scene with illegal activities, and the person involved stays on scene acting like nothing or starts a shootout instead of trying to run away.

    - Gang members come back to a scene which they already fled, only to finish the cops. Sure this may be a temporary solution,
    however think roleplay. RP'ly if you finish a cop, you'd get even more cops on your tail, as you'd start a big investigation.

    There are many more examples, however, I think I've got enough to prove the point-

    Gang fear:
    This fear is very similar to cop fear,however applies to people who are not a part of a gang.

    Most characters should fear a gang, whether you are a civilian, cop or in an opposite gang. This means that you would try to
    avoid interracting with them, unless you're doing business with one of the gangs. As above, there are many examples to this type of fear aswell:

    - There are multiple gang members standing on the sidewalk. No one (including cops) should confront them all
    by themselfs (unless there is a proper RP reason behind). If cops has a reason to confront them, they need to make sure to have sufficient backup, as they fear getting into shootouts or fights with these people.

    - Cops getting involved with a gang for no reason.

    - Not leaving a gangs turfs when you've gotten threats to leave, especially when you're on your own.

    - Cops approaching gang members as if they are God, not caring about the outcome.

    (Gun fear is the Main focus of this guide. The Cop / Gang fear is a rule that different roleplay servers have they have standards of roleplay at High.)
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    This is actually well-constructed. Great work, I say!
    Made by 'Clapham'

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    IF only more people would read this. Great work.

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