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    jeffrey_payne's complaint against Jorge_Lopez

    Helper Related Complaint
    Your in-game name:
    Date of incident:
    8 June 2018
    Helper(s) involved:
    The rule(s) broken:
    Being prisoned IG as a helper.
    Major unprofessionalism.
    Insulting a player as a helper.
    Evidence (SS/Video):
    Jorge KOS'd me and got admin jailed for it (btw he was never released by the admin I personally asked, he served his time therefore he's guilty) upset, he starts insulting me calling me a peasant, paki, snake etc etc more can be pulled through logs as I'm not a samp photographer, this behaviour should not be tolerated seeing Jorge is misrepresenting the whole team by showing such immature behaviour, I'll let the proof speak for itself.

    PS: I do not accept any of his apologies not only because it's too late to apologize now, but also because he's been doing it for a long time now with no serious intent to stop, also I don't want Aaron Royal to handle this because they're both from pakistan and clearly friends so yeah, anyone else should be fine I don't really mind.
    (I can request someone to stay off this complaint if I have a reasonable cause of bias which I do here, so Aaron kindly stay off this complaint and thanks)
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