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    jeffrey_payne's complaint against Aaron_Royal

    Helper Related Complaint
    Your in-game name:
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    23 June 2018
    Helper(s) involved:
    The rule(s) broken:
    not following the HT manual
    Evidence (SS/Video):
    to clear things up, Jorge and Aaron are both from pakistan hence why I always ask for aaron to not handle the helper FC's on Jorge because they're obviously friends and the decision won't be 100% honest, Jorge has already been striked twice for insulting a player here
    I fc'd Jorge again for unprofessionalism on /newb which is atleast 1 strike meaning Jorge should be removed, yet Aaron decides to back his friend up and ignores the strikes and decides to give him a petty suspension instead.

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    Stop it Jeffrey, just stop it! Don't we know your hate against me & Jorge Lopez? Its pretty clear and we don't need to tell that. Did I decided the punishment, no? It was a team's decision. Reece decided to not touch Jorge's complaint as they'd an argument before, so he asked me & director team to handle it. Jorge is a dedicated helper and sometimes there are a few messes done, even I've done mistakes. He used a word which wasn't worthy for two strikes but I followed the rules to issue two strikes. We did follow the rules but we tried to punish him according your personal hate against him and Jorge provided the evidence in which you kept DM'ing/killing/kidnapping him for fun.

    I have nothing to argue here,
    Pending Head Helper+.

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    It looks like you're just willing to remove couple of people from the Helper Team. We were just following the rules and Aaron Royal didn't do anything wrong. There was a discussion with all Direction team of HT, but you're not the one who will make us to remove him from the team.
    If you'd like to, just join the team and get yourself up to HH to make the decisions.

    Jorge Lopez has been suspended from the Helper Team till further information.

    Emilio Mazzarelli (Elmo)

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