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    [INFO] Guidelines || Newbie Chat Appeals


    Before posting an appeal for newbie chat, I recommend you to read the following guidelines in order to post an appeal accurately or else as result, it'll be closed without any result due to not following the guidelines:

    • When you're posting an appeal, you must have an evidence for that. Your appeal will be closed if you don't post any screenshot or any evidence. (minimum 1 valid screenshot)
    • When you're posting an appeal, you must state why you were warned/muted and why it should be removed.
    • Make sure to post an appeal for warn/mute which is done in last 1-2months. Posting appeals for old warns/mute more than 2 months will be closed.
    • We are not going to remove your warn/unmute if your appeal isn't posted according to the above guidelines.
    • Appeals for permanent mutes(for level 20+) are only accepted when they convince us to not abuse /newb(ie) chat again in the future and apologize the team to not repeat it. The discussion would be done in the administration team of HT and would be decided to unmute the player or not. (Click here to appeal)
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