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    Faction Rules and Information

    Faction Management
    Director of Faction Management: Argo
    Assistant Director of Faction Management: Elmo

    Upon this thread you'll find the current rules and regulations which apply to faction and official group roleplay on San Andreas Roleplay. There have been changes and emphasis on rules to reduce confusion along with a complete reformat that's easier for players to read and also cleaner BBcode so faction management can process edits with ease which helps with always keeping the thread up to date. This thread will of course be updated from time to time as things change and updates will always be noted below as an edit reason or separate post before they're implemented into the thread to ensure everyone is aware of any new rules/regulations that have been introduced by faction management; these faction rules are to be followed along with the official set of rules for San Andreas Roleplay which you can find by clicking here.

    General Faction rules & regulations

    Faction Discord servers that are ran by players are not official San Andreas Roleplay platforms, however, if you are found to be breaking offenses in the Discords (e.g revealing secret information and so forth) you WILL face punishment. Owners of these faction Discords are advised to act professional, faction management reserves the right to make Discord player-run servers 'unofficial', meaning faction leaders cannot strike their members for things such as not being connected to the IC dispatch. An official server will be created as a replacement. For a faction discord to be official Faction Managment or at the minimum the Faction Director must have access to all the channels in the discord.

    Faction members are expected to be respectful to both faction directors and their moderator(s), failure to be respectful and causing other members to become aggressive or disobey direct orders may result in instant OOC removal from a faction by members of faction management, always treat others the same way you'd like to be treated.

    Tazing during shootouts is not permitted if a shooter has engaged you in a firefight, even if you manage to circle around behind them during the active fight. You're not allowed to unholster any tazer while the firefight is active and have no option but to injure the attack.

    If the attacker tries to flee, you are allowed to chase and stun them using ranged methods like the SDTazer or Rubber Bullets and if they try to turn around and attack you, it won't be counted as a Rushtaze as they lose that right upon initiating a foot chase. In case the shooter has not engaged you or is not aware of your presence, you may used ranged takedowns from behind provided you manage to stay undetected and outnumber the suspects in a ratio of 3:1.

    You are also not permitted to use the tazer against a suspect who's swimming, use rubber bullets instead and have another officer be nearby to RP bringing them up to the surface.

    Players may not abuse the emergency lines or alarms(i.e 911 or House Alarms) to bait faction members into a location for the purpose of: robbing, kidnapping or assaulting, players must use the emergency lines realistically. This also includes targeting/searching for faction members responding to 911 calls. [Refer to the 'Cop Baiting' server rule]

    Players may not own vehicles restricted to factions [e.g - FIB Ranchers, PD cruisers, etc]

    Players are not to allowed to interact with themselves on alternate account in anyways if either account is in a faction. [See the server rules]

    Players may not force other players to leave a faction with any sort of roleplay, State Bureau of Investigations and high command of said faction reserve the right to remove/force a player to quit a faction with valid reasoning and evidence beforehand. The forced removal of any Faction Leader must be approved by Faction management.

    The Faction Leaders of factions have responsibility to run the operations of the faction even outside of his In-character role and are the only members of factions allowed to remove people within their faction for purely Out of character reasons. This is at their discretion but they must be able to provide evidence to Faction managment to back up their decisions if questioned.

    Players may not sell ranks/promotions in factions or official groups; if high-command members of factions wish to rank skip their members, this must be ran and approved by the Director of Factions or Assistant Director of Factions beforehand.

    Players may not reinstate into a faction with a higher rank than 1 (R1) unless appointed into a high-command position by the Director of Factions or Assistant Director of Factions with valid reasoning.

    Players may not be invited into a faction without submitting a faction application beforehand, no exceptions. This is for valid in-character record keeping, however if a faction is being appointed new leadership due to a purge along with starting members, this rule can be excused.

    A player may not have leadership (leaderflag) over two factions; this also applies to having leadership of two factions or one official group and faction or more on alternative accounts. Players will be given the choice of choosing one faction they'd like to retain leadership over.

    If a high-command member of a faction removes a member whilst they're offline this will act as a database access revoke to said faction and the removal of usergroups and use of /ouninvite is valid if roleplayed correctly. The member who was removed was removed from the faction offline is still in possession of their faction uniform, licensed firearm, legitimate badge and they may still roleplay with those items until their next death, which they'll then be confiscated by hospital staff. An /ouninvite without roleplay is permitted only for removals caused by OOC offences (e.g rulebreaking/only having OOC strikes)

    Players may not abuse the faction tools, equipment or commands they're given access to, doing so will result in immediate punishment and removal from the faction. (e.g abusing /sdtazer, /cuff, /fban) [See the Powergaming rule on the server rules thread]

    Players may not give away, sell or trade equipment they're given access to in factions (e.g weapons). Whereas the script prevents this, bugs may be found, you are to report the bug to a developer or Beta Tester (/reportbug) or either the Director of Factions or Assistant Director of Factions immediately.

    Raiding Faction HQs is no longer permitted. Realistically these headquarters would be heavily monitored and secured and it isn't realistic to do a full on assault of a headquarters. How ever you may try to sneak onto a faction headquarters for appropriate roleplay such as to roleplay stealing information or spying.

    A live recruitment for a faction may only be conducted with the approval of the Director and Assistant Director of Factions.

    Any licenses that are issued by factions(i.e Weapon/Marijuana Licenses) must only be issued through the an appropriate application process. Using the command to hand out licenses outside the application process or in a corrupt way will be considered abuse of faction tools and be punished as abuse of faction tools.

    Players may not hop between factions, there is a limit in place to prevent unrealistic abuse. To clarify this, players may only have one active faction application at a time, withdraw your application if you'd like to apply elsewhere. Once a player quits a faction, they must wait 72 hours [3 days] before they can submit an application for another faction; this starts from the second the player uses the [/quitfaction confirm] command. Exceptions can be given to the faction hopping rule and faction moderators/directors may give players permission to join a faction without waiting the 72 hours with valid reasoning. (E.G - transferring from a faction that's overloaded with members to a faction that's lacking members) Transferring from SAPD to SABI is excluded from this rule.


    For the purpose of the Faction rules corruption is defined fraudulent and dishonest conduct, often criminal done in relation to your position in a faction. Just because you've committed a crime as a legal faction member doesn't automatically make it corruption. For example if you were to use cocaine as a SAPD officer it is illegal and you can be fired/arrested however it wouldn't constitute as corruption since the crime doesn't directly involve your position. Blatant or particularly brazen acts of corruption/criminal activity are prohibited by all factions members and will be treated as Non-Rp behavior(i.e killing a fellow faction member inside your headquarters to hide a crime).

    No Corruption under any circumstance.
    IAB of all Factions
    Any Faction member roleplaying under the Department of Justice (San Andreas Bureau of Investigation and Attorney General)
    All Faction Leaders
    Judicial Department (If active)

    Corruption with permission from Faction Director
    Faction Highcommand not listed anywhere else(exception of San News).

    Corruption without permission
    Everyone else not listed in another category.

    If a Law Enforcement Agency or Government Security engaged in a shootout with anyone and injures them to the point they need a revive, as a result, those suspects may be healed by FMD and arrested for up to 30 minutes maximum.

    An exception is allowed for specific people that were targeted because of a warrant, casefile, and bolos arrest. In these cases the player may be arrested for up to 2 hours (120 minutes)

    Players level 3 and below may not be imprisoned for longer than 30 minutes by any faction. A maximum of 30 minutes is permitted for severe crimes otherwise it should be lower.
    An exception will be for players who wish to be imprisoned for longer for RP purposes and or if they have several playing hours/respect but choose to stay level 3 or below.

    Players that are being arrested due to a casefile or major warrant may be subject to a maximum 1 hour prison.

    Faction roleplay guidelines

    Roleplaying or impersonating any Federal entity is prohibited. This includes but not limited to roleplaying or impersonating any official with Federal authority. The structure of roleplay and faction have been streamlined to specifically fit within a State/Local Government. The Federal aspect in the past has caused a lot of confusion and complications in terms of interaction between State and Federal factions.

    Law Enforcement Officers CANNOT intentionally falsify charges on players, they cannot arrest players for absolutely no reason either. This will be considered as Powergaming, corrupt or not. Officers may however, perform body searches on players with valid probable cause or in accourdance to any In-character restrictions which may lead to the discovery of narcotics/weaponry which will then lead to an arrest being made on a player. Suspects must only be charged for crimes legitimately committed by the suspect, law enforcement officers must not charge players under assumptions, the player MUST have committed the crime to be charged for it; charges should not be stacked randomly to give players more time in prison. When you arrest/charge a player, it's advised that you have proper evidence of said crimes in the case of a forum complaint so you may defend yourself with crystal clear evidence.

    Factions must roleplay appropriately when using commands that force actions onto other players(i.e /detain, /drag, stretcher) or that roleplay specific actions(i.e /track). The only exceptions to this rule is when cuffing someone that is already tazed or incapacitated in some way. Failu [See the Powergaming rule on the server rules thread]

    It is non-roleplay behaviour for Law Enforcement Officers to act unrealistic in serious situations such as bank robberies, terrorist incidents, hostage situations and extreme threats to national security. Faction members must do their best to keep their fellow members in mind as well as any hostages whilst roleplaying in a situation. (E.G - do not throw grenades into the bank interior with the mindset of 'killing robbers') [See the Non-RP behaviour/Powergaming rule on the server rules thread]

    When a player is using game recordings or screenshots as evidence, they are required to conduct proper roleplay of using and extracting the media before it can be used in-character [IC]. Such as, evidence exhibits in casefiles or supplied as evidence within a courtroom or anything of the like. (E.G - Using your smartphone to record police brutality and transferring the media file from your smartphone to a pen drive to be used as evidence in court). When players are roleplaying the use of recording equipment such as hidden cameras (microdots), wires and so forth, they must be reapplied through roleplay every [24] hours and the equipment must also be reapplied if a player ends up dying or the equipment has been removed by another player with proper roleplay; failure to re-apply equipment will result in any evidence captured deemed invalid to be used in-character. Bodycams are automatically applied and turned on everytime Law Enforcement use /duty to go on Duty. [See the Powergaming rule on the server rules thread]

    [1] The /mask command is to be considered as an OOC indicator that a player has gone through some sort of length to conceal their identity. This does not have to be an actual mask. (e.g a balaclava) It can be anything that realistically conceals one's identity from obvious recognition. E.G face paint, tinted sunglasses and so forth. Roleplay is required before using the /mask command, if no roleplay has been done, the player using the /mask command will automatically be assumed to have equipped a balaclava which may prove to be suspicious to any law enforcement. Once you unmask by using the /mask command again, you'll have to re-roleplay your method of concealment or it'll be assumed to be a regular balaclava.

    [2] It is advised that you ask on /do what the masked player has roleplayed equipping to prevent any false Metagaming accusations later down the line which may occur indirectly by accident.

    [3] If you are masked and 24 hours pass since you last roleplayed equipping your mask, you must re-roleplay equipping your mask. If you die, you must re-roleplay equipping your mask. Crashes and quick relogs are excluded and this can be confirmed by checking logs.

    [4] Realistic silicone mask or any type of mask used to roleplay to make you look like someone else opposed to just strictly concealing your idenity is prohibited.

    In the case of leaving a faction or removal from a faction will deem any recording equipment invalid; players must roleplay storing the equipment elsewhere to be able to use that equipment for roleplay after they have left the faction. This is considered as theft and may result in repercussions if caught, just a reminder.

    Every governmental vehicle (SAPD cruisers, SAFMD, Government vehicles, SANG patriots and so forth) is fitted with dashcams that have a 360 degree view. The footage may be extracted with proper roleplay to deem screenshots worthy of being used in-character. Dashcams can be turned off manually by Officers, but can lead to in-character repercussions if caught doing so. If a player dies at a scene but another officer checks the dashcam footage to follow up on an investigation, the officer(s) killed cannot participate in any roleplay regarding the investigating.

    Having a faction usergroup is considered as having in-character access to a factions database with authorized credentials; players may roleplay with any in-character information they find within databases as long as they have the usergroup and as long as the usergroup hasn't been randomly given out unfairly. It's the responsibility of those with administrative access over the faction databases (usergroup moderators) to periodically check said usergroups and ensure authorisation is given to the right individuals. If a faction is purged, the databases would automatically be wiped deeming any previous roleplay of gaining database access now invalid unless obtained through roleplay once again.

    Players/faction members are allowed to place other players in 'lockdown' for a maximum of thirty [30] minutes with valid reasoning. This can be imprisonment for an awaiting trial [the maximum time for awaiting trial imprisonment is 30 minutes], interrogation for a crime committed or an official group simply holding a possible threat in captivity as roleplay. If a player logs out before the thirty minutes is up, they can use /report for assistance to be removed from captivity if restricted by gates/interiors and also if the kidnappers have logged off. Players may come to a mutual agreement to extend the thirty [30] minute rule to a time period of their liking, holding a player in captivity longer than thirty [30] minutes without a proper OOC agreement may result in punishment. [See the Powergaming rule on the server rules thread]

    Players may not use their alternative/main in any faction to interact with themselves as another account.


    Status: Active.

    • The San Andreas Police Department has authority over all civilians in San Andreas when it comes to Law Enforcement matters.
    • The San Andreas Police Department is a State Law Enforcement agency, therefore they should to keep good relations with the Attorney General and report to them when necessary, in the absence of an Attorney General being appointed, they should report to the Governor who will automatically take over the responsibility of the Attorney General in the positions absence.
    • The San Andreas Police Department is not permitted to strip other faction members of their badges and order them to leave their faction [/quitfaction]. Instead, they should contact the San Andreas Bureau Investigations/DoJ or the Judicial Department regarding corrupt faction members via the respective lawsuit and tip off forms.
    • The San Andreas Police Department are permitted to patrol and have authority over all of San Andreas, excluding the yellow and redzones which are controlled and regulated by the San Andreas National Guard(If they are active) and they may not take over any investigations or situations that transpire in said zones.
    • Only San Andreas Police Department High Command (Captain+) may terminate fellow members of the SAPD under the Deputy, Chief of Police's or Commander's approval; if an Officer witnesses another Officer committing a crime, they are allowed to cuff and detain that suspect until a higher ranking member of the SAPD or a member of the DHS is available to take over the investigation. They are also urged to report the incident to the Department of Homeland Security using the 'public tip-off' if any high-command aren't available.
    • The San Andreas Police Department has a maximum of 65 members in the department, once this cap is met, recruitment is to be closed until spaces are available.
    • Members of the San Andreas Police Department may be corrupt, however they must not stack charges, falsify charges or arrest individuals for no reason. [See faction roleplay guidelines] Members of the Internal Affairs department within the Police Department cannot be corrupt or they'll be stripped of their position and blacklisted from said faction.

      QC = "S A P D"

    Status: Active.

    • The San Andreas Fire and Medial Department is a state agency who only have authority in the medical and non law enforcement related emergency situations they respond to and events they conduct (e.g blood-drives). They may request Law Enforcement protection over said events and Law Enforcement Agencies must provide this security.
    • The San Andreas Fire and Medical Department should only use the licensed handguns they are given for SELF-DEFENSE. Using these handguns to assist the Police Departments in shootouts may lead to repercussions and possible in-character removal from the faction and out of character removal if the handguns are abused severely.
    • The Fire and Medical Department may not revive a player [/userrk or /stretcher or any other form] without roleplaying beforehand, if the player is about to die then this should be considered as bleeding out, scriptwise. Once FMD have started roleplay, they may revive the player [/userrk] to continue the roleplay as not every member of the department will be able to type as fast as they'd act in real life. Reviving players for OOC reasons may result in OOC removal and treated as abuse o.

      QC = "S A F M D"

    Status: Active.

    • The San Andreas Bureau of Investigations is a State Law Enforcement Agency and the main investigative arm of the State of San Andreas for corruption and serious felonies.
    • The San Andreas Bureau of Investigations has access to an array of equipment and powerful features to assist the Bureau with collecting intelligence for investigations. This technology is not disclosed publicly, but information will be displayed and shared with respective Bureau members that have the appropriate access to such equipment.
    • If a crime is committed that is a violation of local or state the San Andreas Bureau of Investigations may not seize control of any on-going investigations unless the investigation involves corruption. How ever they can take the lead on investigations and work along side SAPD or other Law Enforcement agencies.
    • Actions of the San Andreas Bureau of Investigations may be reversed (e.g roleplay/situations invalidated) if they have been found to be breaking any rules during their investigations or roleplay. Punishment is at the discretion of faction management in terms of removal depending on the rule(s) broken by said Agent.
    • All evidence obtained must be obtained after legitimate surveillance roleplay has taken place, as per the general faction rules. Evidence and any roleplay connected with it is invalidated if proper roleplay of setting up recording or surveillance equipment wasn't done beforehand and may result in a Powergaming punishment at the discretion of administration faction management. [See the server rules thread]
    • The San Andreas Bureau of Investigations has a limit of [10] members and may not surpass this member cap, unless an increase is approved by the faction director. The Director and Deputy Director are included in this cap.

      QC = "S A B I"

    Status: Active

    • The State Government of San Andreas [GOV] is the main Government body for San Andreas. They have authority over the whole San Andreas area.
    • They San Andreas State Government may not make arrests themselves, however they can order Law Enforcement Agencies [LEA] such as the San Andreas Bureau of Investigations or the San Andreas Police Department to make arrests for crimes committed. If the arrests turn out to be unlawful at the fault of a government member, the arresting Officers shall not be punished if they conducted the arrest properly in-character, the government member may face punishment if they're found to be abusing their power by the Judicial Department. (E.G - court case)
    • The State Government of San Andreas have full authority over all factions. However to balance Government, they cannot directly hire, fire, demote, promote members of other State Factions(SAPD, SABI, SAFMD, etc). The Governor's Office can give directives to Factions that operate on a State level in terms of their duties(i.e organize events, coordinate training, provide targets for investigations and requesting any information from any state ran forum section.) The Attorney General can give them same directives for things like training, investigations and orders an to only Law Enforcement agencies. Even though Government cannot directly fire/hire/promote/demote members of other factions, members of those factions are expected to roleplay appropriately in regards to the real life authority and stature a Governor, Attorney General or his Executives would have.

      The Governor's Office(Governor, Lt. Governor) can however force a faction high-command to suspend a member for up to 3 days in cases of severe insubordination in regards to orders given within the bounds of the faction rules. The Governor's Office can directly suspend faction high-command as well including Faction leaders as well in cases of severe insubordination. Both require permission from the Faction Director.
    • The Government must fund the factions fairly, they are not allowed to be corrupt when funding factions nor are members allowed to steal money from the treasury for their own personal benefit.
    • The San Andreas State Government must contact a Law Enforcement Agency or Department of Justice to add charges to a suspects profile for them, evidence must be shown beforehand.
    • The San Andreas State Government is composed of three branches: executive, judicial and legislative.
    • The Government may not take over crime scenes and investigations, but they may contribute relevant information to them and they may set up operations with the San Andreas Bureau of Investigations.
    • Governmental firearms may ONLY be used for self-defense or protection of Government officials if they are security. Government Security are permitted to use their weapons indiscriminately against any imminent threats against Government officials. Security members of the Government faction must not act like Law Enforcement Officers. They should certainly not pull over suspects, show up at crime scenes aiming weapons or act like a Police Officer at all, they should instead contact a Law Enforcement Agency over the departmental radio. Heavy governmental weaponry should only be carried whilst actively protecting executive personnel. Government security is permitted to detain suspects that specifically commit crimes against Government members or property until Law Enforcement arrives.
    • The Attorney General can request access to any SAPD or SABI usergroup. If the Governor's office would like information from said usergroup he must go through the Attorney General. If no Attorney General is appointed the Governor himself can receive access until one is.
    • The Faction Director reserves to right to void any In-character bill, legislation, or executive order at his/hers discretion. This will only be exercised if the Faction management feels the law is unrealistic (i.e making murder legal) or doesn't align with the role/goal of factions

    QC = "G O V"

    Status: Active.

    • The San Andreas Network is not funded by the government and is a private company, therefore the government may not suspend or terminate any of their members. The Government can however, disrupt or restrict broadcast, this means any attempts of setting up television broadcasts with the San Andreas Network scripted cameras or news broadcasts [/news] after an in-character bill has been deployed regarding the removal of the right to broadcast may result in OOC faction removal and/or punishment under the Powergaming rule [See the server rules thread]. It's in the best interest for the San Andreas Network to cooperate with the government and act realistically with their interviews and broadcasts and punishment of rogue members.
    • The San Andreas Network members must comply with State agencies such as the Police Department if they're getting too close or interfering with their crime scenes. It may lead to in-character repercussions if Network members do not comply and that is completely justified.
    • The San Andreas Network cannot be corrupt with their television broadcasts (e.g broadcasts of beheading civilians). It's unrealistic and it'd never pass the authorization department and it'd be taken down very instantly regardless. Network members can however, be corrupt over news broadcasts [/news] if done properly, trolling on news broadcasts is strictly forbidden and it may lead to Metagaming punishments if the /news command is abused to insult players globally. The Network Executive may not be corrupt over news broadcasts and they must ensure members who have been corrupt with faction equipment are instantly removed from the company for unprofessional behavior that can tarnish the reputation of the Network.
    • Executive members of the San Andreas Network retain full control over their in-character section [click here] the in-character section moderators cannot overrule the San Andreas Network in their own section which is classed as a website where they can freely post articles and advertisements as long as OOC server rules aren't violated

    QC = "S A N"

    Status: Classified
    Moderator: Alvaro Armarti [1]

    • The Hitman Agency is an organization ran by private members, members consisting of the most valuable people in terms of intelligence profiling and tracking. The Agency's members work as a private contract agency as well as controlling many numerous illegal activities in San Andreas
    • The Hitman Agency consists of privately invited members; Revealing any Hitman Agency members under any form or public platform with valid evidence linking back to the person who leaked information, will face a punishment under the Revealing Secret Information rule [See server rules thread] which may lead to an in-game ban/prison depending on the extent, regardless of the platform. (E.G, using /members then using /or to reveal a Hitman Agency member, leaking agency members in a private discord server)
    • If the Hitman Agency catches a player actively investigating them, they are within their rights to kill (GK) that player, which will erase all of the player's collected intelligence and knowledge of any physical evidence on the contract-killing organization, essentially making that player unaware of any information they had previously found out regarding the organization [GK]. They must catch them in the act (i.e actively undercover investigating ) and would be able to retaliate at any point afterwards. If the player that was investigating the agency was apart of a faction that player they would only lose memory of the casefile/investigation and the organizations existence. The casefile/investigation can be continued to be worked on by remaining faction members/players with knowledge of the investigation. Hitmen Agency members are not allowed to go out of there way seek out/kidnap random faction members just to GK them from an investigation or casefile, they must have proof said LEO was directly investigating them and has knowledge of their existence.
    • Players are not allowed to suddenly 'remember' the information they collected or be involved in the investigation again by having another player involved remind them of information either. [See the Revenge Killing rule on the server rules thread] Once they have been group-killed, said players will not be allowed to be apart of the existing investigation as well as starting any new investigations for thirty (30) days; Of course, given the storage medium(s) of any evidence haven't already been erased/destroyed and may freely hand that evidence over to the San Andreas Bureau of Investigation as private investigators.
    • If a player/hitman is caught with less common weaponry such as silenced pistols, C4 explosives, knives and so forth, players are not allowed to instantly assume the suspect with said weaponry is a member of the contract-killing organization; doing so will be classed as Metagaming [See the server rules thread]. However, players are within their rights to question the suspect on where they obtained such weaponry and to deem them as a potential terrorist. [C4]
    • The Hitman Agency members are not allowed to be a member of any LEO organization or a faction position that prohibits corruption or requires permission to be corrupt.

      QC = "H A"

    Faction Moderation rules and regulations
    To find out the moderator of a faction, please check the factions respective rule list above

    • Faction Management may rarely take on an in-character role within the faction they moderate when needed, briefly. E.G to sign off on bills with approval that require administrative permission. Faction Moderators need permission from the Faction Director in order to take IC roles. The Faction Directors may also take on the positions to interact with the Department of Justice, San Andreas Bureau of Investigations and State Government. Faction Management should avoid taking any roles that have Federal Authority to maintain the State level roleplay.
    • Faction management is to handle forum complaints on the factions they moderate, they may consult other members of faction management for their opinions.
    • Faction moderators are to supervise the performance of a faction and report any issues, no matter how little or big, back to either Faction Directors. Faction moderators are not there to intervene with roleplay or dictate what a faction can and can't do all the time, however some roleplay will require administrative approval. (E.G bills proposing changes to any faction.) Faction Moderators can however enforce the Faction rules and and intervene in roleplay situations where they are violations.

    • Faction moderators cannot give out invites to players into the factions they moderate, this must be done by recruiters ONLY with proper in-character roleplay, please do not pester moderators to invite you to factions if someone with recruiter/leaderflag status is not online; it'll be done when they're available, you've made it this far through the application process, so just wait.
    • Faction management should refrain from promoting members themselves, however if a faction is purged then they may select and promote new leadership for the faction to rebuild with.
    • Faction moderators must not select new leadership for factions without approaching and running it by the the Assistant Faction Director and Faction Director first, major changes must always approved by the faction directors and the faction directors should still be notified of minor changes by faction moderators.

    Previous input [special thanks]: Val, Josh, Watson, Brad, Shinji, Oliver, Claude, Ravin, Rey, Damien, Dino, Anders, Alvaro

    Chris Power for streamlining faction rules

    *These faction rules are subject to change at any period of time, changes may be announced as an edit reason, check this thread regularly
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    These Faction rules are in effect as of today. There has been efforts to streamline the faction rules as well as providing the infrastructure for the current Faction system. If you happen to spot any typos or mistakes feel free to quote it in a PM to me and it will be fixed ASAP.

    There will be a 48 hour grace period to allow players to read the rules and get accustomed. So any violations of the rules changes in this period will mostly like just be dealt with a verbal warning.
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    Rule adjusted

    If a Law Enforcement Agency or Government Security engaged in a shootout with anyone and injures them to the point they need a revive, as a result, those suspects will be considered PK once they respawn and SAFMD will not be allowed to revive them. However if Faction members would like to RP with their dead or dying bodies these players will not be allowed to accept death to avoid the roleplay. The ones that were PKed would lose all memories related to the Faction members involved as well.

    An exception is allowed for specifically people that were targeted because of a warrant, casefile and bolos arrest.

    If a Law Enforcement Agency or Government Security engaged in a shootout with anyone and injures them to the point they need a revive, as a result, those suspects may be healed by FMD and arrested for up to 30 minutes maximum.

    An exception is allowed for specific people that were targeted because of a warrant, casefile, and bolos arrest.
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    Rules Adjusted

    Players level 3 and lower may not be imprisoned for longer than 30 minutes by any faction. A maximum of 30 minutes is permitted for severe crimes otherwise it should be lower.
    An exception will be for players who wish to be imprisoned for longer for RP purposes and or if they have several playing hours/respect but choose to stay level 3 or below.

    Players that are being arrested due to a casefile or major warrant may be subject to a maximum 1 hour prison.
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