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Thread: Version 4.0.3

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    Version 4.0.3

    Version 4.0.3


    2 major updates. Voting system and Menu Store. Along with a couple of DRR and patches for bugs.

    Golden Fixed
    • /pfine calculating wrong percentage value. Expression correctness.
    • /buygun string not aligned.

    • Vehicle cannot be despawned via /v spawn if there is anyone in the vehicle.
    • Vehicle cannot be parked if the player is not in the driver seat.
    • 2 skins for government faction's locker.
    • Flower shop.
    • Voting system. (Click here to know more about it)

    • /v dump is in a new location.

    $kylar Added
    • Only R4+ in family of the week can craft level 5 arms dealer weapons.
    • Only level 1 - 3 can join public family via the NPC.
    • Arrest point for FBI within their compound.
    • /setfbinickname for FBI member's nicknames.
    • /vehiclename to identify what the name of the vehicle is via model id.
      Use /dl to know the model ID of a vehicle.
    • FBI nickname shows in /radio.
    • New user interface for /buy

    • Family of the week resetting after GMX.
    • /omakepropertymod was passing invalid parameter in inline function.
    • Dialog's string trimmed abruptly after a certain length.
    • Correct weapon name in /sellgun
    • /makerecruiter could be used on players who are not in the issuer's faction.

    • FMD rank names and number of ranks.
    • FBI rank names and faction name.
    • Government rank name.
    • FBI commands. (Confidential)
    • FBI locker bug.

    • Redundant static faction vehicles at Fort Carson.
    • LBCC random entrances.
    • Anti-cheat false positive for pickups.

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