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    [17/05/2020] Alex Dave's Warn and Mute Appeal [Jorge Lopez]

    In Game Name:
    Alex Dave
    Appealing For:
    Warn and Mute
    Involved Helper:
    Jorge Lopez
    Screenshot of the Incident:
    [img] [/img]
    State the reason for your appeal:
    Because i've not done anything wrong. I was just asking on newb that i got prison for a stupid reason and this Pakistani cute helper warned and muted me from newb. man get a life and stop asslicking please. This dude dude warned and muted me for a stupid reason as you can see in the screenshot .
    Additional Information:
    I just asked over newb that i got prisoned for a stupid reason that doesn't make sense at all lol. I fced some asshole newbies for dming and rking because i killed thier guy at stacks for dming me, i reported admin to prison him but these admins are afk all the time so i killed him own my own. now i'm in cute admin prison so i just asked over newb about this and this paki ass licking 13yrold kiddo warned and muted me from newb. Big reason behind sarp death.

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    You've joined server in 2015, your level is 12 and I am sure you're aware of how to use /newb(ie) chat. Tell me honestly is /newb(ie) chat a place to tell people that you were PRISONED for stupid reasons? I mean is it? It's not.

    Your tone of appealing is damn toxic as well, don't have a hope that I will remove/unmute you.

    Stay muted, enjoy.




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