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Thread: Version 4.0.4

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    Version 4.0.4

    Version 4.0.3


    A few major updates. Deep web feature, Charecter creation, new /rules system. Along with a couple of DRR and patches for bugs.

    Golden Added
    • The Government can seize club/casino/any type of business created using the Entrance feature. [Special thanks to Argo, Max Payne, Franceso Da Vinci for details]
    • Permission adjusted - Added /bk /bkc /m /badge for government
    • Improvement of government locker clothes system
    • New Gas station

    • Marriage "Yes" "No" spam fixed. You will no longer get their Yes/No word.
    • Group's locker adjustment.
    • /sethousetag charecter error
    • Fixed /stretcher player weapon reset bug
    • Worried bug of SAFMD clothing system. Getting SANG skins in SAFMD locker.

    • The /gov command is now /psa
    • Improvement changes with detective job. You will only get the possible location name of the player.
    • Rank names of Government and SAFMD faction.
    • /gml is only for R7 and R8 (SAFMD command)
    • Reduced Deagle price from 50k to 35k. Profit remains the same.

    $kylar Added
    • Detailed /rules command which is synced to every rule present in the forum.
    • VPN checker. If a player tries to connect with a VPN online admins get a notification.
    • New character creation feature when a player registers. [LINK]
    • Location Name above the minimap. Note: Use /toglocation to enable / disable it.
    • Added Laptop for the house upgrade (/hupgrade).
    • Deep web feature [ Access it via laptop, house feature]
    • /togspeedhud command.
    • Added /togeventhud in /help > Toggle.

    • Group name change fixed. [Added RP name detection]
    • Minor typo in /buy item of a 24/7 (sprunk)

    • /engine, /lights command improvement to show a chat bubble rather than a chat line.
    • /lights automatically turn on if /engine is used during the 22:00 - 05:00 time frame.
    • Changed /ap to redirect to /newb for better logging.
    • Newbie tags are displayed if /ap is used.
    • Helpers automatically get on duty when logging in.
    • /contract + /contracts have been moved to the Deep web feature.
    • /listcars can be used by event moderators.
    • Off Duty is changed to Civilian Clothes in /safmd.
    • Changed /resetfurnitures to /reloadfurnitures.
    • /facrankname can be used by faction moderators & faction directors.

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